U-pick Apple Orchards

This guide is presented in partnership with the businesses featured. We are grateful to their support in helping us provide these resources to local families.

Fall is peeking around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited!

Our team members are BIG fans of spending our weekends outdoors. It’s a little early for pumpkin patches, so why not go pick some apples instead?! There are so many yummy recipes you can make with the apples you pick, too! It’s the perfect weekend activity for everyone! So grab your flannels and get pickin’! 

First, some tips for visiting a u-pick orchard:

  • Dress appropriately! Sturdy shoes or rain boots are good choices. Expect uneven terrain and muddy ruts!
  • Most orchards will offer buckets and some offer wagons. Call ahead to ask.
  • Though many take credit and debit cards, having cash is never a bad idea.
  • If you follow no other tip, make sure you call or check their Facebook page before heading out. Different apple varieties ripen at different times, and the popular types sometimes run out. Many orchards will also close for inclement weather.
  • Many orchards will offer already-picked apples to purchase and even “ground apples” (those picked up off the ground and may have some blemishes) for a discounted price. Check late in the season for discounts–these are great for things like applesauce and pies!
  • Ask about varieties – depending on what you want to do with your apples you will be directed to those best for cooking or eating.
  • Don’t forget the extras – apple cider, baked goods, and even gift items are usually available for purchase.
  • Allergic to bees or wasps? Orchards are the perfect place for them, so be careful.

We always recommend checking with the orchards & farms before heading out. Produce availability varies year to year and season to season depending on weather and other variables.

Tuken's Orchard & Farm Market

Are you looking for that perfect family-friendly orchard to check out this Fall? We would love to suggest Tuken’s Orchard & Farm Market. Your kiddos will love checking out the Critter Coral (small fee applies), exploring the orchard & farm, and of course – picking those delicious apples!

Tuken’s is the premier u-pick destination for a plethora of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a bountiful selection of apples and pears (including Asian pears), Honey Crisp, and 40 additional varieties through October and into November! The orchard is specifically designed for u-pick, as the trees are heavy fruiting and apples hang lower to the ground for easy access. The apple orchard has over 6,000 trees with really large fruit!

Mom Tip
Stop by their market to check out their gourmet products and treat yourself to an apple cider slushie or a dip of home made ice cream. Weekdays are less crowded and a good time to visit! Visit their Facebook page for all the details on picking apples and pumpkins and on their petting zoo!

Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm & Sun 11am to 5pm

15725 Eaton Pike
West Alexandria, OH 45381

Here are some other local “picks” for old-fashioned orchard fun:

A&M Farm Orchard
22141 State Route 251
Midland, OH
Fall Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm
Pick your own apples and pumpkins.

B and D Berry Farm 
1042 Inlow Avenue
Peebles, OH
Hours: 10am-6pm
Hidden Valley Fruit Farm 
5474 North State Route 48
Lebanon, OH
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday & Sunday 9am-7pm; Thursday-Saturday 9am-9pm
See website for more details on what is in season for picking.
Karnes Orchard 
8200 Worley Mill Road
Hillsboro, Ohio
Hours: 9am-6pm
Pringles Orchard
2697 Pringle Rd
Goshen, OH
5832 River Rd
Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-6pm;  Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm
(859) 689-5229

Wondering what to do with your apple haul? One of the simplest things you can do is make slow cooker applesauce! Recruit younger kids to dump the ingredients in. The older kids can help with supervised cutting. Here’s a super easy version:

Slow Cooker Applesauce

Do you have a favorite recipe for those fresh applies?
Share in the comments!


  1. I love U-pick spots! They are so much fun! It is relaxing and teaches kids that their food doesn’t just come from grocery stores. I’m definitely going to check out this list and put it on my bucket list for things to do with my daughter this fall!


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