Date Night Round Up

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The first rule of date night is – you do not talk about date night.

Kidding – but if I can work a Fight Club reference into a date night post, well why not? But seriously, I read often that the first rule of date night is to not talk about your kids. Easier said than done for me, although one tactic I have is to try to get any crucial or too-funny-to-miss kid updates out of the way first  – so that we can then really focus the rest of our (all too limited) time together on us.
Here are some slightly out-of-the-box, totally Cincinnati date night ideas that should get you and your partner playing, moving, observing, and talking . . . about something other than your adorable progeny.
For your convenience, a general price guideline has been assigned to the investment associated with these date night suggestions.
  • $ – Free or relatively easy on the budget.
  • $$ – Average date night costs. (In-line with your typical dinner and a movie evening.)
  • $$$ – Higher investment, but can make for an extra special night out.

Heat Things Up

In the kitchen that is. Why not try a cooking class together?

The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together 

Whether your idea of play means physical movement, building a strategy, cooperative play, or a little friendly competition, the thrill of the game will surely bring a bit of fun to your couple time.
We recommend Laser Tag – the harmless way to shoot at (or with) your spouse! There are several options around the Cincinnati area:
Have an even more adventurous streak? Check out:
Plan a couples-only game night! The brilliance here is that you can fit a date night in essentially any night you want and if you have games on hand… it’s free! $ Board Games for two:
  • Monopoly
  • Othello
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Risk
  • TriBond
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • I’ve Never
  • Forbidden Island
  • Pandemic
  • Naughty Bingo

OR if you have a venue and the interest in sharing your game /date night with other couples, the CMB team recommends:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Pictionary
  • Loaded Questions
How about dinner . . . with a side of murder . . . mwwahhahahahaa!

For the Incurable Romantic

Couples meeting or reuniting atop the Empire State Building is by now a classic movie trope. OK, so we don’t have the Empire State Building, but the Carew Tower Observation Deck boasts a spectacular view that will get your hearts racing. $
Eden Park is lovely at any time of year and is in close proximity to the Cincinnati Art Museum and Playhouse in the Park $$$ if you’re then inclined to absorb some culture (see more below). Be sure to keep an eye out for the ghost of Imogene Remus.

To warm up on the cheap following a stroll around Eden Park, duck into Krohn Conservatory $ for a dose of color and natural beauty no matter the weather.

Get Your Arts On

Want to expand your cultural horizons? Cincinnati has an abundance of great museums waiting to be explored! Check out 21C, the Cincinnati Art Museum,  or Taft Museum of Art$
Don’t forget the Cincinnati Ballet! $$$
What light through yonder window breaks? It’s the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. $$

The Carnegie is the largest and only multidisciplinary arts venue in Northern Kentucky. $$


For the Judicious Imbibers

Brewery tours – with our rich German heritage, Cincinnati has several options!
  • Cincinnati Brewery Tours – Check out the CMC guide to Local Breweries to get you started! $
  • The Cincinnati Pedal Wagon – This is a fun way to get a personalized tour of breweries and see some Cincinnati art and history at the same time. $$
  • Craft Connection Brewery Tours This is a bus tour that departs from Half Cut in Over-the-Rhine and will whisk you to four breweries in four hours. $$$
  • Cincy Brew Bus Another bus tour with several location/brewery options. $$$

Hit up a dive bar – but please know that when I say “dive” – I mean it. The bathrooms at Stanley’s Pub (Columbia-Tusculum) are . . . not for the faint of heart, but the live music is as real as it gets, and the drink prices are easy on the wallet. Or try the Pilot Inn (Hyde Park) for possibly the most potent Long Island Iced Tea you’ll ever consume. On the West side (actually Northside, but west of the I-75 divide) check out The Comet – perhaps the least dive-y of these three taverns, but still plenty genuine and featuring some of the best bluegrass you’ll ever hear. $

If you rather drink some Bourbon you can visit the New Riff Distillery in Newport or the Boone County Distilling Company. Both distilleries offer tours, tastings and a variety of events throughout the year. $$

Share in the comments – what are your favorite date night locations and activities?


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