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Choosing whom to entrust with your child’s overall healthcare is a big decision.

It is imperative that you find a practice and a physician who can become a true partner with you in the growth of your child. We have compiled this guide based on recommendations from fellow mamas around town as a resource to help you in your search to find the right pediatrician for you.

Northern Kentucky locations are labeled for your convenience.

The CMB team recommends considering the following when making your decision.

  1. Office hours and location – When you need to squeeze in those inevitable sick visits, this is so very important!
  2. Do they accept your insurance? This is important for obvious reasons.
  3. Are your parenting goals in alignment with their approach to practice?
  4. Consider what “extras” they offer, such as lactation consultation, which may be important to you.
  5. The overall vibe of the office. Everyone on staff impacts your experience, not just your primary MD/CNP.

We would also love to share this post, which was written by a Child Life Specialist and a former member of our contributor team.
There are some helpful tips for when your little one has to get those shots!

S-H-O-T-S and How to Help Your Children Cope

Suburban Pediatric Associates

Pediatric Associates of Fairfield Inc.

Muddy Creek Pediatrics

Anderson Hills Pediatrics

Eastern Hills Pediatrics

Liberty Sharonville Pediatrics

ESD Pediatric Group

Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Pediatric Associates of NKY

Northern Kentucky

Pediatric Care, Inc.

The Pediatrician's of Hyde Park

Springdale-Mason Pediatric Associates

West Side Pediatrics

Montgomery Pediatrics


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