Britany Corsiglia

Britany Corsiglia
I am a single mom of a silly, spirited, brilliant little sidekick, who keeps me laughing and running around at all hours of the day! We will be transplants from Northern California, where I was born and raised. My daughter has a variety of sensory and speech challenges, so I've been blessed to learn a wealth of knowledge about these areas through her therapies. I strongly believe in gentle parenting, and I have to admit that I'm just a wee bit crunchy. During the day, I work full-time remotely for a real estate tech company. We are always on the move; in our downtime, we love parks, the zoo, swimming, baseball, and are learning to cook together!

Raising Sensory {A Mom of a Sensitive Kid}

We all have a unique and complex sensory makeup, which makes certain things appeal more or less to us. As moms, we all also have moments where we ask ourselves why our children want...