Kate Mock Elliott

Kate Mock Elliott
Kate Mock Elliott is a wordsmith, theatre artist, musician, and designer based out of Cincinnati, OH. She has two young children who fill her heart with love and her head with all the worst-case-scenarios that she can never protect them from. She has a critically-acclaimed one-woman show called seXmasCards, because why wouldn’t you talk about sex in your Christmas cards? She fuels the capitalist machine as a marketing professional for a construction firm, and volunteers on her Community Council and with her Unitarian church.

No, Feeding My Children Kale Is Not Child Abuse

There was a quote shared rapidly among Facebook acquaintances who embrace gentle parenting. In general, my husband and I agreed with what it was saying. We could have left it at that. Especially since...

Milestones Aren’t Just For Kids

Today I found myself sucked into the vortex of old videos on my phone. You know, the ones you hardly ever look at but cannot bring yourself to delete. I found a video of...

Visions of Sugar-Free Sweets {5 Recipes Included}

This may blow your mind, but my husband does not eat sugar. As in, no sweeteners. At all. No Truvia, no Stevia, no honey, no syrup, nothing. He used to get debilitating migraines every...
Santa with an expression of surprise

We Don’t Do Santa {A Christmas Confession}

Through the years, my spouse and I have incorporated a few parenting practices that baffled friends and family. Homemade baby food. Limited kid photos on social media. Cloth diapers. Scientific conversations about anatomy. Reactions...

Make it a Green Halloween

I love fall but Halloween is my least favorite holiday - and I don’t think it’s because I’m a scaredy-cat. As a family that works hard to avoid both sugar and single-use plastics, there...

Lord, Help the Sister {The Bond of Sisterhood}

Sisters, sisters, There were never such devoted sisters. Year after year after year. Side by side, singing and dancing along while White Christmas played in the background - a family tradition. Me, the middle child singing...

Which Road Trip Personality Are You?

There is a family vacation paradox: We pursue family vacations to achieve togetherness and relaxation. And yet the getting there and getting home often leave us peeved and stressed. I come from a long line...

I Do Believe in Fairies! {International Fairy Day and the Power of Belief}

I am a child of fairytales, for better or worse. Beautiful ball gowns, mysterious magic spells, and romantic happy endings - as a child I consumed copious quantities. From picture books with vibrant images...

The Lonely Child {Understanding What Our Kids Are Going Through}

It is a Wednesday, approximately 12:25 p.m. I am trying to focus on the words coming out of the therapist’s mouth, trying to mentally record everything so that I can bring it home and...

It IS Easy Being Green: Local Resources for Your Journey to Sustainability

I came to a realization about six months into motherhood: Kids are terrible for the environment. Diapers, wasted food, art supplies, broken plastic toys, driving them all over this great planet... the list goes...