Jen Thomas

Jen Thomas
I am a native Cincinnatian working in the higher education / learning solutions industry and am passionate about education, reading, and all things literary. I live with my husband, daughter, son, and 2 dogs and we love reading with the kids, especially the stories my daughter writes and illustrates. Our family also enjoys hiking, travel, and cooking together, and as a bit of an amateur foodie, I'm committed to running on the streets and trails around Cincinnati to burn off the food.
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Date Night Round Up

The first rule of date night is – you do not talk about date night. Kidding – but if I can work a Fight Club reference into a date night post, well why not? But...

The Sibling Gift: For Moms About to Have Their Second Baby

My good friend recently gave birth to her second child, a gorgeous boy to join his 27-month-old spunky sister. As I look forward to meeting the little guy and welcoming him to the world...

10 Things “Old” Moms Should Know

Are you at least 34 years old, and pregnant with your first child? Are you over 40 with some assortment of infant/toddler/school-aged children? If so, congratulations! You're officially an "old" mom. So am I....

The Heart of CMB – Tender Mercies

When I walk into Tender Mercies' Haven building, the first thing I notice is that it's warm, so blissfully warm. It's been an unusually mild El Nino year, and we are on the thaw on this...

Why I Love to Run

Many years ago, I wrote on my personal (always sporadic and neglected) blog about why I love New Orleans. I wanted to try to illuminate and justify that love since New Orleans seems to be a...

Everything I Want to Teach My Kids I Learned from Rock-n-Roll

OK, maybe not EVERYTHING. I'd really like to teach my 5 year old to stop eating his boogers, but I don't have a song for that. Does anyone have a song for that? He...

Compensating for the “Grandparent Deficit”

I never set out to be an "older" mom, but as that combination of luck, fate, and my own choices for good or ill would have it, that's how it worked out. Even if...

Why I Refuse to Engage in “Mommy Wars”

Dear E and J, It's my sincere hope that by the time you're both old enough to read and understand this (E, I know, could already read a lot of it) the "Mommy Wars" will...

CMB Crashes Your Picnic!

July and August seem like perfect picnic months to me. It's so warm at this point, no one wants to be stuck inside cooking, yet you also know you'd better get out and enjoy...

Mom Strong: Selfish is my Strong {Series}

I'll be honest, I think this has been one of the more challenging series for CMB contributors to write. But while it's hard, I think it is equally important; it's critical to take time out...