My Curly Hair Routine {For Mixed Hair}


Growing up in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s, the “in thing” was to have “ethnic” hair as sleek and skinny as possible by way of chemical relaxer. Times have changed and everyone is embracing their natural textures. I remember being a teenager and longing to have curly hair but every time I’d ask my hairdresser for what products to use or how to do it, she didn’t know because the market was so limited. 

Since then I have been through a whole slew of products but have FINALLY found a line that I love and it is super affordable (between ~$2-$5/bottle).


My hair is extremely thick and curly and I was chasing after the “sopping wet curls” kind of curly without it actually being sopping wet. This line smells amazing and also helps fight the dreaded frizz and it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. 

I also use the Wet Brush for daily brushing and this detangling brush in the shower. Thankfully, I’ve found the right regiment of stuff because I’ve passed my curls down to 5/6 of my kids (we’re still waiting to see what one of my twins’ hair will do). Even though we’re all curly, we all have different textures, thickness, and curl tightness. 

As for the routine, I usually wash it once per week with shampoo and conditioner, using near double the amount of conditioner. Before rinsing the conditioner out, we use the detangling brush and then rinse. I put it in a hair tie to keep it from dripping everywhere and drape a towel over my shoulders. My hair dries pretty quickly, so right out of the shower, I apply the hair products. If it starts drying on me, I use a spray bottle to re-wet it. 

I separate my hair into four sections to apply the products. I start with the leave-in conditioner/buttercream, then use the mousse, sculpt, shape, and then the shaping cream, using generous amounts of each. I can usually wear it two days before having to do anything else with it. On the third day, I use my spray bottle to re-wet it and then use the reactivating spray. If I’m wearing a ponytail or feel like my hair is getting tangly, I use the Wet Brush. The Wet Brush also works very well for children with curly hair and detangles nicely and is pain-free! 

I am so happy that natural hair is in-style now (so is my hair!) and I know a lot of people are still learning how to work with theirs, so I hope I help somebody out that’s reading this! Every time I go out, people always ask what I use and I’m always so happy to share because I know what my struggle has been to find the right items!


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