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HeartofCMBOneinCincyOne in Christ.  Won in Christ.  Cincinnati.  Because, God’s Love is Colorblind.

The Mamas who make up Cincinnati Moms Blog are incredible in so many ways. Not only are they amazing mothers, each in their own special ways, but they are also a talented, kind and incredible group of women. They are the heart of CMB.
Courtney Snow: One in Cincy

Why the Campaign Started

Cincinnati has a long history of racial divide. “One in Cincy” seeks to spread the love for all those that make up our beautiful city. The cause raises money for, and awareness of, the need for cultural education and a helping hand to those struggling the most.

The One in Cincy campaign was launched as a result of a message by Pastor Chuck Mingo at Crossroads Church in Oakley early in 2015. The verse from Revelation 7:9 (NIV) was really the inspiration for this mission of uniting the city of Cincinnati, “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.” That beautiful image of peace and unity among individuals from every background possible is the driving force behind this campaign.

I Have a Dream of PeaceThough the campaign is not officially a part of Crossroads Church, many members have been in strong support of this mission for race relations in our city. What started as a goal to raise awareness of the need for racial unity in Cincinnati, has broadened to include unity of everyone in the Queen City, including those from all walks, all races, all beliefs, all cultures, and all backgrounds. There is a great need in our city to bring its people together in genuine love and respect.

What They Do

As far as race relations work goes, One in Cincy promotes ways to “start the conversation” about race. Ignorance is the enemy of understanding. The more we know and respect about one another, the more unified we all can be. The work of the campaign is focused on uniting our city and loving our city – made up of all different races and cultures.

Supporting this cause through donations or through the purchase of their fundraising t-shirts helps create cultural education classes and camps for children of all ages, from preschool to the college level. Proceeds also go to support non-profit groups that attempt to lift up and empower those of all races and cultures, such as CityLink, Revolution Dance Theatre, and Pones Inc. Donations are also used to create “blessing bags” for distribution in the community.

Why It’s Important to Me

This mission is very important to me as I have a biracial family and also two parents that are in same-sex marriages/relationships now. I want this city to be welcoming to my parents. I want to help create an environment in our city where my biracial daughter can grow up confidently.

One In Cincy TeesThe One in Cincy campaign evolved out of a church and a Bible verse, but not everyone believes this same way. What we should all believe in, though, is respect and love. No matter who you are, I challenge you to give a smile to someone today that you normally would look past. Spread some love and help unite our city.

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Courtney Snow
I was born in New York and lived in several states before settling down in my favorite city of all time - Cincinnati! I have an interracial family that consists of my amazing and talented husband (Derek) and our beautiful, silly daughter (Adilyn {2009}). I work full-time in Human Resources in addition to owning the Cincinnati, Dayton, & Louisville Mom Collectives, write and illustrate children's books (search "Courtney Jayne Snow" on Amazon), love to volunteer, and am a registered and certified nutritional consultant (RNC/CNC). I still do my best to be the best mom and wife I can be! I love art museums, the theatre, the zoo, reading, and Cincinnati parks. I'm a foodie and always love trying new places to eat. I hope other moms find either enlightenment or humor from my posts!


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