Mom-ish Things I Didn’t Know I Needed {But Am SO Glad I Found}


I consider myself a veteran of the parenting game but there are always new things coming out that I wish I had 14.5 years ago when my son was born.

I can’t imagine what great inventions will be out when my kids have their own kids! 


First up, is a portable white noise machine.

I know these have been around for a while but I just found out about white noise by way of a 15-hour YouTube video two years ago when my twins were born. The “snowy TV noise” is the one that worked for them every single time. I quickly learned that I wanted a portable device that could follow them around when they needed a calm down, instead of my phone which I frequently use for work. I hopped on Amazon and found a cheap one that was just as good as the YouTube video.

Next is the Wet Brush and also the flexible detangling brush.

My kids and I all have very curly hair. For years, we fought with the wide-tooth combs but got hip to the Wet Brush and the flexible brush and have never looked back. It detangles so much easier than a standard brush or comb. I’ve used them on non-curly hair, too, and the results are the same.

At our house, we’ve gone through a number of sippy cups.

I am always annoyed with how fast the lids get gross or get lost or damaged. One day while browsing Amazon, I found universal lids that fit over most sippy cups and they have been a game-changer! They are made of a rubbery material and don’t leak, nor do they have extra pieces that get moldy or are hard to clean.

And now one of the new trends… multi-packs of poppers.

There are quite a few different ones to choose from and they are a lot less expensive to order online than in the stores. This is especially helpful since there appears to be Wall Street-level trading at school and amongst their friends.

For those that are begging for pets, specifically fish, get some sea monkeys.

They are fairly low maintenance and only need fed once a week. They can be used as a test to see if your child is really ready for the responsibility of a pet. 

My husband usually laughs at the stuff I get sold on and sometimes it is junk, but if one thing comes out of it that I love, then it’s worth it! What are some things that you’ve bought that you love?

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Erin Reed
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