10 Fun and Budget-Friendly Summer Activities


Summer is here! Oh, I’m so happy. I love being outdoors, the summer breeze, playing in the water with my daughter… But kids always say it:

“I’m bored.”

Well, moms, I’m about to give you some fun ideas to keep the summer not-so-boring.


  1. An “I’m Bored” Jar – I wanted to get the “I’m bored” part out of the way. I work with school kids all summer and they constantly say, “I’m bored,” over and over again. I’m making this for my summer break. All you need is paper and a jar. The ideas are downloaded and printed for FREE. Free is always for me! You can keep it simple or ‘Pinterest’ it up.
  2. Ice Cream in a Bag – Yeah, sure you can get ice cream all summer long, but I think this is a blast! The kids can add toppings they like and make it their own. Nothing better than cold ice cream on a hot summer day.
  3. Sprite and Kool-Aid Ice Cubes This looks like so much fun. Freeze Kool-Aid ice cubes, melt them in some cool Sprite. Perfect refreshing drink!
  4. Water Balloon Baseball – I don’t know about you, but I would totally be playing along with the kids. All you need are some dollar store water balloons, whiffle bats and water! So much fun.
  5. Bubble Snakes – This activity is geared toward toddlers/preschoolers. Lots of fun can be had with a water bottle and a sock. Who knew the ‘unmatched sock’ from the laundry could have so much use?
  6. Sidewalk Chalk Paint – Older children could totally help make this. The blogger in the link explains this process well, and it looks like fun! It also looks like it stores well in those little ketchup bottles.
  7. Side Walk Chalk Games The link takes you to a picture of an ‘obstacle course’ using sidewalk chalk. There are endless possibilities with sidewalk chalk. Imagination is an amazing thing!
  8. Glow In The Dark Bowling/Glow in the Dark Whiffle Balls – Night time fun! Glow sticks are at the dollar store, cheap, fun, and totally memorable.
  9. Solar S’mores – I did this last summer and it was fun. Have you ever seen those videos of cookies/eggs baking on a hot car? Same idea. Tip: I suggest putting it inside your hot car, it will cook better!
  10. Water Pistol Painting This looks like a blast. Plus, who says it has to stay on the canvas? (Washable paint, people!)

Summer fun is here. Let’s enjoy these moments with our kiddos, moms! Join in on the fun – or enjoy watching them in a comfy chair, drinking a cool beverage.

What are some of your favorite summer activities?


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