Summertime Crafts and Activities


I am bound and determined to give my daughter an amazing summer! So I decided to put together a list of fun activities and crafts to do with your kiddos. Also, you have to have some learning in there, too! I added a couple STEM activities as well. My teacher dorkiness just couldn’t help myself!


1. Magic Potion (aka Kool-Aid Ice Cubes) Easy peasy. All you have to do is freeze a couple different flavors of Kool-Aid! Add some ice-cold sprite to them once they are frozen, and BOOM, yummy and refreshing summer drink.

2. Ice Cream in a BagScience project and ice cream together? Super cool! I have personally done this experiment in my classroom and it has worked out perfectly every time. Get some fun toppings and go to town. 

3. Bubble PaintingThis project caught my eye and I cannot WAIT to try it with Ellie! I felt this was so beautiful and neat! I really want to do this with my little girl and frame it. I’m all for activities that are messy and give kiddos some artistic expression. Food coloring, bubbles and paper are all you need! 

4. Painting Squirt Guns – I’ll be the first to admit, this could go very much awry. It makes me giggle a little when I think about a little boy or girl squirting a parent by mistake (or on purpose) with some paint. However, on the flip side, the best memories made are messy! The author of the article made a good point about using a squirt bottle instead if you do not have a water gun.

5. Painting with SunscreenOh man, why have I never thought of this? What a perfect way to teach your stubborn littles to put on some flippin’ sunscreen?! This project is fun and a learning experience all-in-one.

6. Suncatchers I thought these Jellyfish suncatchers were super adorable and go perfect with a summer/beach theme. In all honesty, I’ve done many suncatchers in my time as a daycare teacher. With some contact paper, tissue paper and some construction paper, you can make anything you put your imagination to!

7. Balloon GameSome paper plates, paint and some balloons make for an easy game to play with the kiddos. I know when it comes to playing with balloons, my child can be entertained for hours.

What are some fun things you like doing with your little ones? Comment below! Let’s give some fellow moms some boredom busters.

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Melissa Long
I have a small 3 person family- my 6 year old little girl, Ellie and my husband Matt. I have 3 fur babies, my dog Jack-Jack ( Dachshund) and my two cats Harry and Mickey. I have battled infertility for a while, and I am willing to talk with any woman in the same battle. I work Full time as a teacher at a local daycare. I am a University of Cincinnati student. I'm finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education! Never too late to go for a dream folks. In my free time, I enjoy: church, all things Disney, reading, writing and quiet times with my family. I'm a simple girl! It does not take very much to make me happy. You will see me at the grocery store with my messy bun and yoga pants on, that's for sure.


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