If You Give a Teacher a Gift… Then You’ll Need to Tell Her Thank You!


My boys have the most amazing teachers. Their teachers are patient and kind and stern and want to see my boys succeed.

After a call from the 9-year-old child’s teacher one wintery day, my husband looked at me and said, “You know we need to get her a pretty amazing end-of-the-year gift, she’s earned it.”

I’ve sent the thank you email, but she deserves more.


I’ve asked friends that are teachers and asked for ideas for gifts to give my boys’ teachers and what not to give. This info has been helpful for me as I try to adequately thank those that make our school year so much better. I also like to give a small gift to the people who help in the drop-off line, speech therapists, aides, and lunch workers – anyone my kids tell me about that makes their school day run smoother.

Great gift ideas for teachers, paraprofessionals, librarians, etc:

  1. Gift cards (coffee, restaurant, specialty store) – does not need to be a lot of money.
  2. A thank you letter – one that you send to him/her and to their principal, listing what you appreciate about them and how they have helped your child to grow.
  3. School supplies for the next year – items you think would be nice for them to start the year off with.
  4. A bag/tote filled with goodies that you know they would like – they can use the tote for school things and then enjoy the snacks or whatever else you think they would like inside. (I will ask my boys what their teachers say they like or if they drink coffee or soda, etc. and fill bags with things I know that they like.)
  5. Spirit wear from your school – that way they will be decked out in style and you provided them with a practical gift.

Gifts to avoid:

  1. Coffee cups (I am guilty of buying these gifts for teachers because I love them) – the truth is teachers have 1 million (you could get a pricy one that they may not purchase for themselves as a boogie gift).
  2. Lotions – teachers may like lotions, but probably have a scent they like and may not like a scent you pick out or have some sensitivities.
  3. Candles – same scent and flavor issues as lotions.
  4. Knickknack teacher gifts – the sentiment is sweet, but save your money, imagine 30 years of knickknack about teaching… there is not enough room in their room.

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. I’ve started gathering goodies for our teacher tote bags and can’t wait to show those teachers just how much I appreciate them for investing in my children. They go above and beyond.

Along with the gift will be a note, one that conveys just how blessed we were to have them as part of our educational story… and a big THANK YOU!

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