Tips and Tricks for Getting Discounts


We have eight people and one dog in our family, so needless to say, I am always all about finding good discounts and saving money on things because it’s expensive out there these days! I, by no means, consider myself an extreme coupon clipper but I do watch for deals. Read on to find out some ways that I save.


While working as a cashier when I was younger, we had to ask people for their email addresses.

One lady told me hers was something along the lines of [email protected]. I thought that was a great idea. I went home that night and made one just for that purpose. I only use it for stores to get a promotion for signing up for email and/or to watch for special deals. If certain stores send too much, you can always adjust the frequency, usually with just a click or two of a button. 

Place-specific apps and signing up for shopper’s cards are also other great ways to watch for deals and get points for future coupons.

I created a folder on my phone for my shopping/food apps (and use the above-created email address for each one). I have six kids with twin toddlers so I don’t usually have time to do complicated apps, receipt uploads, scanning products, etc, so I prefer straightforward apps. My top three apps for coupons are Kroger, Target, and pizza/food places.

Next is credit cards.

DISCLAIMER: Do not open credit cards if you aren’t able to pay them back off (doing this usually defeats the purpose of saving money). A lot of times around the holidays, stores will offer special deals if you open a store credit card. If you are able, pay it off before the next statement comes out. There are also a couple of stores (Target and Kroger both have one) that offer store debit cards that work the same way as your bank debit card or a check and they give about the same benefits as a classic store credit card.

Get a membership to a wholesale club (I prefer Sam’s Club) and buy in bulk if you are able.

Even if there aren’t eight people in your family, they carry a lot of items that have a very long shelf-life and are cheaper to buy in bulk. Speaking of shelf-life, if your regular grocery store is having a sale on something that your household uses frequently, stock up on it! For instance, we go through a ton of toothpaste, soap, diapers, wipes, bacon, water, juice, and chips, so when I see them on sale, I always get them, even if the deal is to buy 4 or 5 to get a lower price.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, check out the Amazon Warehouse deals under Today’s Deals on their app.

Those items usually have a big markdown because the box was opened or damaged in shipping. I’ve ordered quite a few things from there and haven’t had a problem with the quality of the actual items. I’ve also ordered some refurbished things and they worked just fine.

Hopefully, this has given you at least one way to save some money. What are some ways you save money at your house?

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