Brittany Harrison

Brittany Harrison
Brittany is wife to Collins and mom to two daughters, Charleston (18 months) and Marshall (born in October). She's originally from Vermont, but has made stops in Haiti and South Carolina along the way before moving to Cincinnati 2 years ago. Her and her family call Madisonville home and have loved soaking up all this great city has to offer. In her free time you can find Brittany enjoying time outdoors, reading, exploring the city and learning to live and love more like Jesus.

Time Theory for Moms

We are living under the weight of an epidemic of having too much to do and not enough time. Being stressed, anxious and exhausted is the new normal. Many of us live with the...

Am I Living My Best Life Now?

The other day I was chatting with my best friend, who is single without children, about an upcoming trip I’m going to take. My daughters and I will be spending a couple weeks at...

Heart Of CMB: A Better Standard for Women’s Health

Imagine for a moment you’re a brand new mom having just given birth. Your perfect, wiggling baby being laid in your arms. You’re exhausted and riding the euphoric triumphant high of post delivery. But...

Advocacy for Our Daughters

The other day we were spending time with family and friends when my daughter sat up on one of the women’s laps. At two years old, she is an explosion of learning and vocabulary...
cincinnati skyline

Should We Stay or Should We Go: The Case for Cincinnati

I've lived in Cincinnati for three years. Like many families here, a job (I’m looking at you GE, P&G, UC, etc) is what brought us here. My husband, Collins, matched here for residency with...

Momma’s Morning Playlist

I’ve always dreamt of being a morning person. To wake up with motivation to take on the day, smiling and bursting with positivity and energy. But that, unfortunately, is not me. I am more...

The Legacies We Receive

Howard Myrle Short was born in Archbold, Ohio in 1932. As a conscientious objector at the time, he was stationed in Vermont during WWII to work at a psychiatric hospital. While living there he...

Confessions of a SAHM: When His Job is Harder than Yours

Last night my husband arrived home from a 12-hour shift to my daughter waiting at the outside gate for him with a very smelly surprise in her not-yet-potty-trained underwear. Not to mention she had...

Beginner Urban Homesteading in Cincinnati

Disclaimer: This post isn’t intended to persuade you into starting a homestead in your backyard. If you’re deciding whether or not to channel your inner Little House on the Prairie, you may find some...

Fellow Moms, Stop Getting So Offended

You’ve overhead the comments countless times. A young mom being told she has her “hands full” with all of her kids and that they “hope she’s not having any more”. Or the eyebrow raise...