Why Are Dreams Reserved for Youth?


I’ve turned 40 recently and, not gonna lie, this was the only birthday I have been pretty hit by. Halfway through the average time to live. What goals did I accomplish? What haven’t I done?

Time felt fleeting.


I’ve started mauling over the phrase “mid-life crisis” – you know, dying your hair pink, buying a sports car, etc. Is it a mid-life crisis, though, if you finally can afford that car you have always wanted or at last, have the confidence to do what you may not have done in your youth?

By now, we’ve seen a few people our age pass away. We know time isn’t guaranteed. So is it really a mid-life crisis to learn the lesson and do what you’ve been putting off?

I took a look at people close to me who are now a few years into their forties. One was featured in a book for education, one started painting murals around the city, one created a vlog for what was a simple mid-day hobby, and one just embarked on a year-long round-the-world trip.

When we think of who social media portrays as successful and worth attention, they are generally the young up-and-coming 20 and 30-year-olds, and those who are more tenured are often still flawless – wrinkle-free, grey-less, and perfectly fit twins of their younger counterparts. They are not what we see as us – imperfect, hard-working, somewhat frazzled and tired, unfiltered, and everyday examples of real-life success stories. People out there fitting their goals and dreams in between sports practices, car repairs, drive-thru dinners, and mortgage payments.

It is obvious we may overlook our potential when there seemingly is no focus on those achieving dreams who look and live as we do.

I mean, really, when was the last time you have heard someone say of a person in their forties, “She has so much potential. I am so excited to see what she is going to do with her life.”

But we can change that narrative. Let’s be here for that!

At 40, we can see that there are things worth sacrificing… and yet we understand that the little munchkins we brought into this world also deserve some of that time. By “some of our time,” I recognize that means most of our time. So, when someone who looks and lives like us achieves new goals and reaches new heights, we need to celebrate THAT person even more. We need to hold them up as a true influencer and solid inspiration because this isn’t the 20-something without kids and no one else to focus on but themselves.

This is the person fitting it in between helping others achieve their dreams and being an everyday cheerleader for everyone around them. This is the person saying, “I have lived 40 years of my life, yet I am not too old to change or to reach new goals… to grow.”

And THAT is admirable.

So, get out there mom, and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Plan that trip. Write that book. Try out for that play. Paint that picture. Do whatever it is that is in your potential. We believe in you.

And how do we know you can do it?

Because you’ve spent this long putting all your energy into others and raising them to be the little wonders they are. So imagine if you put just a little time every day into yourself. You will be unstoppable.

Dreams are not reserved for youth alone. So dream big. You never know where it will take you in the next 40 years.


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