A Mother’s Break


I know as a new mom, I felt a certain amount of guilt taking a break from my chores. As if I was somehow stealing time or not doing my best as a mother. I came to realize just how unhealthy that is.

As a mom, we are so busy every single day.


Remember to treat yourself and take breaks even if they are small. Hectic schedules, family vacations, spring cleaning, pool time, and traveling are some of the many things we do in the summer with our limited time, and I’m very much looking forward to this upcoming season.

When I take breaks on my patio, I can feel the summer sun on my skin. I hear the beautiful song of a barn swallow and other birds serenading me. They harmonize together like a summer orchestra putting my mind to ease. I close my eyes as I take a break from my mommy chores and duties. I slow my breathing and destress as much as possible. As the wind gently whispers across me, once again I’m reminded of how grateful I am for the little things in life. I appreciate my one-minute break. It’s not much but it’s something. Sometimes the smallest moment of peace is the most important. Enjoy the little things that life brings to you.

It’s so important to relax and tell ourselves that as mothers, we are doing a fantastic job and sometimes simply need a small break.

We need to give ourselves more credit. We need to compliment each other more. Stop comparing yourself to other moms. You are doing a fabulous job!

So put up your best sexy messy bun and grab that house disinfectant spray and spray away all of those negative thoughts that we have as mothers. We all have been there and share those same thoughts. Once your break is over and you start wiping down those messy tables like a waitress, remember, the only tips our kids leave us will be another mess, but, in that mess is a hidden message. You’re doing your best, mom!


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