Soul Care {Praying With Your Feet}


In life, we have seasons where the busyness of our days can set a tighter margin for the things that we say yes and no to in the rhythms of our weeks. However, self-care (aka soul care) is necessary for our mental rest through all the changing seasons of our story.

Self-care is one of those moments that for some may feel like a luxury thinking of bubble baths and other things, but I have learned that when I focus on soul care and invest in the habitual aspects of a mind/body/soul rhythm, then it works together to build up my mental health with higher consistency and true rest. 

soul care

It takes intentional pursuit to recognize what feels most connected to you in the form of self-care because there is a combination of passive and active rest that gives soul care. What feels connected to you may not to someone else, so it is tailored to your needs and attunement of self. It is beneficial to take inventory of yourself on what gives/takes energy from you and listen to your needs for what things can be a form of replenishment. 

My husband and I set weekly times of self-care on our schedule where our early morning rhythm gives us individual meditation time to focus on the stillness of the day rising to greet us and set our mindset. Something new I have been investing in for my soul care came from the hashtag #praywithyourfeet that I kept seeing popping up on my social media. Prayer and meditation are a big part of my soul care so in thinking of a mind/body/soul aspect, it checks all of my boxes on my needs in this season. I thought I’d share this reminder with those of you who would feel connected in this way as well. 

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Praying with your feet is an active form of meditation that allows you to partner your prayers in a way that moves in location and spirit. 

Experiencing this kind of walk where I am moving my feet, while intentionally voicing prayers out loud, has done some tremendous healing work in my mindset. Yes, I do pray out loud while I am walking and am quite ok looking like I am walking around just talking to myself! The areas that I may feel stuck in emotionally with some grief, anger, and sadness that keeps wrapping my heart in knots have seen some movement and release as I have added praying with my feet rhythms to it.

There is something powerful that happens when you are feeling stuck in an area and you encounter movement while you voice prayers for release and freedom. It has been an empowerment model that has invested my mind to focus on areas where action can move me forward.  

Choose your space. 

Choosing the location of trails in nature has been a big piece for my spirit as I have been able to see the movement of water near ponds and lakes and experience quiet. This has been a space where my mind has the room to wonder and to receive and it has been an encouragement to do it solo and inviting others into this place at times has been good self-care as well. 

Set the tone.  

If you have areas of community investment, like your neighborhood and school, you can use this time to pray for the people and rally a group. 

I find it a healthy form of soul care to set rhythms of solo walks for myself weekly and then set a time for a walk with a friend/community on a certain day. It helps me maintain the gift of self-care where my mind and spirit have the margin to listen to myself before I pour out to others (the whole pour into yourself first so you can outpour from a full cup to others mentality). 

Invest in your mindset. 

Depending on where your physical needs are this season, set your intention on your length of walk. I let my prayers be their own process and attunement to what is on my heart in that moment and there is zero structure to my steps with it. Other times, if I am on a 30-minute walk, I will set a 10-minute framework and in the first 10 minutes, I listen to worship music or a scripture on Spotify. In the next 10 minutes, I pray for others and my loved ones. In the final 10 minutes, I pray for our community, our world, and things happening in this season of need. On other walks, I reserve for dream prayers where it is visioneering prayer time as I give space to voice where we have been and where I sense we could be headed and leave room to let my thoughts hold room for play and for adventure. 

Whatever you invest for your soul care, may you keep going and moving forward in the health of who you are in this season and for those chapters to come.

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