A Magical Visit to Santa’s House on the Levee


The post is part of a sponsored relationship between Santa’s House on the Levee and Cincinnati Mom Collective. We are thrilled to be able to help spread the word about this unique holiday event.

When you were a kid, do you remember trying to catch Santa at work? I do. My cousins and I would bed down on the couches of my grandma’s living room, close to the fireplace, certain that THIS would be the year we’d stay awake to see the jolly old elf at work. And every year, without fail, we’d fall asleep. We’d wake to stockings overflowing with goodies and a big pile of packages.

Magic. Pure magic.

Santa's House on the Levee

So much of the joy of the holidays comes from the magic we create. Whether it’s giving to our favorite charities, volunteering where we’re needed or even just being a little nicer to strangers, we can bring that magic to life.

At Santa’s House on the Levee, that’s just what they’re doing. This award-winning holiday experience is located in the Gallery Building of Newport on the Levee. A very special outpost of the North Pole, the elves here use technology to help Santa know your child–their wish list, their favorite hobbies, and even what they could improve upon (e.g. making the bed, brushing teeth, etc.).

How Does it Work?

CMC Contributor Ashley tells the story of taking her three children to visit Santa’s House…

“When you arrive at Newport, there are bootprints that lead you directly to Santa’s House, which is right in the center of the main building. There is a literal red carpet leading to the house, where an “elf” comes out to greet you.

Santa's House on the Levee

They act the whole time, letting the kids feel like they were expected. When you enter the house, you come into a primary space that’s set up for Christmas – a tree (with the Elf on the Shelf hiding), some toys, wrapped gifts, etc. These are distractions for the kiddos while Mom and Dad complete a few questions on an iPad.

Santa's House on the Levee

Kids think you’re registering, but you’re really letting Santa know what they want, and perhaps what they need to work on.

The kids are given a magical card to put in a box, which scans the info over to Santa, and then it’s time to go see Santa. You go to a second room of Santa’s House which is wide open, bright, and far more intimate than any other Santa experience. It’s quiet and the kids can actually hear Santa (unlike in the mall).

Santa's House on the Levee

While the camera is set up, it’s not obnoxious or the sole reason we’re there. The kids have 15 minutes with Santa, so there’s plenty of conversation before trying to coordinate the holiday pic!

Santa is on a couch, instead of a chair, which I LOVE, as I’m not the biggest fan of sending my kids to sit on a stranger’s lap (I don’t force my kids to do this ever). So my kids lined up, and Santa opened his Naughty/Nice book. This was a big book, with an iPad in it, so Santa could be knowledgeable about each kid. The kids ATE THIS UP.

The “How did you know that?” and “Wow Santa! You must be everywhere!” comments are gold!

Santa's House on the Levee

Santa went child by child, asking about things they like, what gifts they are hopeful for, and giving them something to work on. Then, Santa gave them each a rubber wrist band that said they were on the nice list and that he wanted them to stay there. They each also got a goodie bag with antler headband, coloring sheets and Newport coupons, and a cookie from one of the other helper elves.

My daughter was anxious at first, but with the extra time, she got comfortable, and eventually hugged Santa. That was so cool to see!

The elves were so friendly, and Santa was LEGIT. Full beard, deep voice, he seemed to really get the important role he has!

Pricing isn’t much more than what you pay at the mall – but the experience at Santa’s House on the Levee is SO MUCH MORE.”

Ready to try this new version of a visit with Santa?

Here’s what you need to know.

Stop in to Santa’s House on the Levee.

We think you’ll agree that maybe – just maybe – the magic of Christmas is real.

Santa's House on the Levee

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