An Opinion About Summer 2022 Style


Most of us have probably noticed a difference in the clothing section at many of our favorite stores lately. We’re seeing some fashion options that don’t seem as modern as they should. I’ve seen these styles called “Little House on the Prairie” many times while scrolling social media. I can definitely agree with being shocked at the amount of quilted material and floral patterns all of a sudden.

And there’s so much of it, it is so overwhelming. And I can probably get away with saying that most of us are truly uncertain about the style. It’s summertime and a lot of it looks like it would be hot and itchy at first glance.

But, I’m here to share my unpopular opinion with you: some of these skirts and dresses are actually cute!


A month ago, I bought a yellow one on clearance at Target for $7.99. I told myself that I am determined to make it cute. I looked around online for some inspiration, and I saw a lady pull down the sleeves for an off-the-shoulder look and pull the waist in with an adorable belt so it didn’t look as bulky. I searched my closet for a similar belt, pulled the sleeves down and I absolutely love it now. And the best part? It has pockets! Target has been delivering so well on the dresses and skirts with pockets for a while now, and they continued with almost all of these dresses that have been sent to us from a different time period.

I watched a YouTuber share her capsule wardrobe recently and my favorite item of hers that she shared was this long linen skirt that looked so comfortable, and it had pockets. She eventually shared where she purchased everything from, and guess where my favorite piece of hers was from? TARGET. How could I have missed it? And that’s when I officially said I will not count this trend out. Some of it is really adorable, and at the very least, it’s functional because of the pockets.

I can also appreciate the style because it kind of pays a tribute. The hardworking women who came before us did not have our modern conveniences and worked hard regardless of the weather or comfort to take care of their families.

My overall opinion is don’t knock it until you try it. You just might find out that you have a new favorite piece in your wardrobe.



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