Stephanie Sims

Stephanie Sims
Stephanie is a mother of five and homeschool mom from Eastern PA. She is a first generation American who has happily made Northern Kentucky home with her husband. She loves books, coffee shops, trying new wine, being out in nature on hikes. She also is a huge fan of The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Why I No Longer Consider Myself “Crunchy”

I am confessing something right now that I haven’t even officially told my closest friends.I still love all my herbal remedies, essential oils, and my chiropractor, and I will always choose organic food when...

Doing Things Afraid {Overcoming Overthinking}

I think we have all heard someone say at one time or another, “Just do it afraid”. It sounds so simple. Pick something that you really want to do, have always wanted to do,...

One Day, The Chaos Ends

You know that sound at the end of the day - when all the dishes are done (or sitting in the sink), laundry put away (i.e. safely on the couch designated for laundry), and...

You’re Not a Bad Mom {Your Plate Is Just Full}

I had an epiphany recently. I’ll give a little background first. Full transparency, I’m going through a really stressful time right now. I remember seeing a meme that says something along the lines of adulthood...

What is Keeping Moms from Real Friendship?

Moms just want community. There are so many blog posts and articles all over the Internet that explain how desperately moms need to know that they are loved, cared for, understood, and not alone....

Sanity and Joy During the Holidays

It’s here! The most beautiful time of the year in so many ways. Time with loved ones, the lights, the decorations, cozy sweaters and blankets, and delicious meals and baked goods. But for moms,...

Dear New Homeschool Mom

Dear New Homeschool Mom, So, you decided to homeschool your kids. First of all, welcome! You have just taken on a huge responsibility but also one of the biggest blessings you will ever receive. Second,...

Friend, Take a Break {Refocusing to Better Yourself}

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Even locally, you can almost feel the heaviness in the air some days. It is so easy to turn on the TV, log...

An Opinion About Summer 2022 Style

Most of us have probably noticed a difference in the clothing section at many of our favorite stores lately. We're seeing some fashion options that don't seem as modern as they should. I've seen...

3 Tips to Get Back to the Outdoors

Something happens to most of us when we become adults. Those long summer days we would spend outside as kids running and biking and getting dirty get traded in for bills, binging random YouTube...