An Folksy Autumn Playlist {10 Artists for the Season}


So many of us in the midwest love when hot, suffocating days give way and we feel the sigh of relief that is autumn. Though trees are dropping their leaves and there are many things ending, it can also be seen as a beginning. The season is tactile; the crunch of leaves, the crisp air, the scent of warm apple pie and pumpkin pie.

A staple for me in the change of seasons is a playlist of music that helps me really enjoy and be present in the season.


Every morning, I try to sit and enjoy my coffee while listening to a curated playlist of music that just… vibes. Here is a short preview of my playlist.

1. Ella Fitzgerald. Classic, jazzy and soulful tunes just make for a perfect, slow moment. I love her rendition of “‘Tis Autumn.” It goes perfectly with a lit candle and a warm sweater.

2. Jose Gonzalez. Classical guitar strums and soft melodies give life to a foggy, melancholic morning. This artist is great for a road trip with the windows down.

3. Mairee Sioux. A Native American artist, Mariee Sioux’s music creates a beautiful connection with nature I’ve not experienced otherwise in music. Her vocals are beautiful and her lyrics, poetic.

4. Valerie June. Beautifully unique, Valerie June has a voice easy to recognize and remember. I recommend her music highly for anyone who likes folksy flair in their ears. “Astral Plane” is a great place to start.

5. Bon Iver. If you didn’t know about Justin Vernon prior to last autumn when he released a record with Taylor Swift, you will now. He also has a few other musical projects, including Big Red Machine and my personal favorite, Volcano Choir.

6. James Taylor. A classic relaxing slew of hits you may know already awaits you.

7. Tracy Chapman. Tracy is another artist that launches me into a beautiful Autumn afternoon. “Fast Car” is her classic, but I highly recommend her bluesy, soulful repertoire.

8. Hailaker. I discovered this band about a year ago, and while I might categorize them into a winter vibe, they are perfect for a drizzly, fall day as well. If vocoder jams are your jam, you’ll love Hailaker.

9. The Avett Brothers. Becoming a well-known folk and rock and roll band, The Avett Brothers have a robust collection of music. Their older albums like The Gleam and Emotionalism were played over and over in my now-husbands car while we were dating. They are still a consistent favorite in the fall.

10. Mazzy Star. Dominant in the 90s, Mazzy Star still ends up on my playlist every fall. While a lot of other era-specific music fades with time, Mazzy has been a timeless artist for me.

And now, it’s your turn. What music do you love to listen to in the fall? Do you gravitate towards a specific sound? What would you add to this playlist?


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