Thirsty for More {Behind the Stanley Cup Craze}


Stanley cups, have you heard of them? I am talking about the Stanley cups of course, not the hockey trophy, although, a fair argument could be made that the cup has grown more popular than the trophy recently. So, what exactly is behind the Stanley cup craze? What happened to turn a seemingly ordinary cup into a social media sensation and has people thirsty for more and more of these cups and their latest styles?

First, there is a lesson to be learned here in the power of marketing to the right audience.

stanley cup

Since women started posting and spreading the word on social media about the cups’ coveted features, such as durability and temperature control, the Stanley cup grew in popularity, making it a highly desired product.

Even though many of us have probably only just learned of the Stanley Company, it has been around for over a hundred years. The founder of the company William Stanley Jr. wanted to find a solution to keep his coffee hot all day at work. Thus, the Stanley cup was born. Fast forward over a hundred years, and it seems we still seek solutions to keeping our beverages at the right temperature all day.

Other cups have been popular in recent years, too, such as Yetis and Hydro Flask, but none have seemed to reach the popularity level of the Stanley cup. I am a Stanley cup newbie myself, having just received my first one this past Christmas, a gift I am sure was under many trees for women and teenage girls this year.

Stanley has fully embraced their new female customer base and released a Valentine’s Day line of cups that sent women in large numbers to the closest retailer to stand in line for the new style. While the ones lucky enough to get their hands on the adorable pink cups hold them proudly, there has been some stir about whether the cup is worth braving the crowds or worth the money.

Some don’t see the point, which is fine, but I think it is just like anything else that sparks a trend.

Some people stand in line and spend money on Taylor Swift merchandise, for limited edition shoes or the latest electronics. As a Disney fan, I would probably stand in line for certain Disney merchandise and happily pay for it as well. So, one could argue, that something you like, and something you use a lot every day, such as a durable cup, might be worth the money and the time spent going to get it. And since Stanley is known for creating reusable cups that are built for life, one could justify the purchase. But of course, if you choose not to quench your thirst with a Stanley, that is fine, too.

If you do choose to participate in the Stanley trend, for whatever reason, whether it is the solution to keeping your beverage hot or cold, or if you need something durable, or even if you just want to be a part of something and having a Stanley cup or participating in any latest trend gives you that feeling, that is okay. Because in today’s world, if something as simple as a cup can make us feel like we are part of something and bring us together, then drink up!

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