Spreading Christmas Cheer {on Social Media}


There has been recent noise about many people are holding a state of anger and of frustrations in this season due to the vast social media updates and rants. The differences of opinion are an irritant in relationships and are building walls up between communities. Every scroll online is ushering people into “open tabs” of conversation that are filling people with dissension stress at just how many different opinions are circulating around. Instead of having conversations that are fruitful and back and forth with the intent of understanding and connection, people are reading words and carrying baggage of pent-up frustration around in their day. This is leaving people stressed, sad, depressed and angry without fully even being able to pinpoint the exact reason why.

When the narrative is writing a story of dissension between loved ones, then it is time to change up the storyline. People need encouragement right now and they need visual reminders and words that speak of kindness, of authenticity, and of connection.

With that in mind, let us gather together on social media scrolls and spread some “Christmas cheer” to lift up hearts with beauty and with grace. 

christmas cheer

I am including a Christmas countdown of social media posts for you so that you are creating thoughts of kindness and of positive conversation for others as they may be on those pages. 

Below are ideas for you to tailor and make your own but each day should focus on building people up this holiday season and engaging in conversation that gets to know people in a fun way.

  • Share lyrics from a favorite Christmas song and ask others to share their favorite holiday song (maybe you have a gift of song and you want to sing it to share some cheer)
  • Share a picture of an ornament on your tree, along with a story of why it’s your favorite
  • Get all bundled up for the winter and go for a walk and share a photo of something you see on your walk that makes you smile
  • Post a morning ritual to start your day and ask others to share something that helps their day get started #mondaymotivation
  • A Christmas MEME that makes you laugh
  • Ask for a favorite holiday soup recipe that you can make for the weekend 
  • Go live and share one of your favorite holiday traditions; people want to have time with you and going live they can see your face and expressions as you engage to also learn about others’ traditions as well
  • Share some light and post a photo of your Christmas lights, outdoor fire or favorite holiday candle burning
  • Go for a drive and find a favorite outdoor Christmas decoration you can share
  • Wear that ugly Christmas sweater today for #nationaluglysweaterday, post a selfie of you in it and invite others to wear theirs today as well (Dec. 17)
  •  Please, oh please, go on Facebook Live on #answerthetelephonelikebuddytheelfday (Dec. 18) and give us your best Buddy the Elf impressions 
  • Think of an act of kindness you can share with someone today, share with us what you did, and invite others to do the same 
  • Pick 2-3 movies to watch today on #nationalchristmasmoviemarathonday and let us know what you decided on
  • Share something you are most grateful for today
  • Share a gift you were excited to give someone today 

Thank you for sharing Christmas cheer loud and clear, all so the world may hear!

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