DIY Activities to Make Easter Traditions Even Sweeter!

We partner with companies who we feel bring value (and sweetness!) to our readers, and Hudsonville Ice Cream is here to help you make family Easter traditions sweeter.

Easter seems to be the official sign of Spring for most people. With mild temperatures and beautiful blooms, it is the first of many holidays to gather after the long, winter months and is full of family Easter traditions.

In my house, Easter was always my mom’s favorite holiday. Every year we would celebrate with all of our family traditions, and now I get to pass those along to my children. Since my husband also has his own traditions, we incorporate those, as well as brand new ones, into our Easter holiday!

Not only are traditions fun, but they also bring families together to create sweet memories that last a lifetime!

A table with a chick Easter Basket, dyed eggs, craft supplies, and a Hudsonville Ice Cream container.

This is especially true when you can get the kids involved with hands-on activities the whole family can enjoy.

But first, we needed to empty the ice cream carton. That was fine with us! Any excuse is a great excuse to eat yummy, delicious ice cream, right? Hudsonville Ice Cream has a large variety of delicious flavors like Bananas Foster, Triple Peanut Butter Cup, and Belgian Cookie Butter. We decided to dig into the Triple Peanut Butter Cup, and it did not disappoint on peanut butter flavor! The little peanut butter cups were my daughter’s favorite part, and I’m pretty sure sharing a bowl will now become a new Easter tradition at my house!

A bowl of Triple Peanut Butter Cup ice cream from Hudsonville Ice Cream, along with a mother and daughter eating a bowl and making Easter traditions together.

Below you will find some of my favorite DIY Easter activities, along with instructions for how you can do these with your family at home, with some help from our friends at Hudsonville Ice Cream!

Dying Easter Eggs with Whipped Topping

A table with hard boiled eggs, food coloring, a spoon, and an empty Hudsonville Ice Cream container.

What you’ll need:

      • 12 hardboiled eggs, cooled and dried
      • a tub of whipped topping of choice
      • food coloring
      • two empty containers of Hudsonville Ice Cream
      • a spoon
      • a skewer or toothpick
      • a plate or paper towel


  1. Divide whipped topping evenly between both Hudsonville Ice Cream containers, then use a spoon to spread into an even layer.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of food coloring to the whipped topping in any pattern you want.
  3. Use the skewer or toothpick to swirl food coloring into the whipped topping.
    A child in a bunny dress swirling food coloring into whipped topping in an empty Hudsonville Ice Cream container
  4. Place eggs on top of the whipped topping.
  5. You can either use the spoon to move the eggs around or place the lid back on the ice cream carton and allow kids to shake the eggs around.
  6. Remove eggs from the whipped topping and place them on a clean paper towel or paper plate.
  7. Let the eggs sit undisturbed for at 10 minutes.
  8. Once the time is up wipes the eggs clean with a paper towel.Hard boiled eggs dyed by whipped topping and food coloring.

Since this uses whipped topping, these eggs are still edible as long as they stay refrigerated!

Homemade Easter Baskets

A table with a glue stick, hot glue gun, craft supplies, and a half gallon of Hudsonville Ice Cream.What You’ll Need:

      • an empty Hudsonville Ice Cream container
      • scissors
      • tissue paper cut roughly into 1-inch squares
      • construction paper
      • glue stick
      • scrapbooking paper or other sturdy, heavy-duty paper
      • hot glue gun
      • stickers, ribbon, construction paper, or other materials used to decorate the carton


  1. Clean the ice cream carton with soap and water, then allow it to dry completely.
  2. Take tissue paper sheets and cut, or have you kids tear, into roughly 1-inch squares
  3. Measure a piece of construction paper to fit 1/3 of the carton and cut off the excess paper. Cut two more pieces the same size.
  4. Put glue on one side of the construction paper and cover 1/3 of the container. Repeat with the other two pieces.An empty Hudsonville Ice Cream carton covered in yellow construction paper.
  5. Place tissue paper squares all over the carton working in sections so the glue doesn’t dry. You can either glue the pieces straight on or take the eraser end of a pencil, crinkle the tissue paper over the eraser, then attach to the carton.An empty Hudsonville Ice Cream half gallon carton covered in yellow construction paper and tissue paper about to become an Easter basket.
  6. Once covered, let dry.
  7. Allow your kids to decorate the carton.An empty Hudsonville Ice Cream carton decorated as a chick for Easter.
  8. Take the piece of scrapbook paper and cut a strip 1 inch by 11 inches (or however long your paper is).
  9. Warm the hot glue gun and use it to attach the scrapbook paper to the inside of the carton.

These can be used as Easter morning baskets, decorations, or for Easter egg hunts!

Family time is important, and doing fun DIY activities with your kids is a great way to spend those precious moments making Easter traditions.

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