Must Read Children’s Books {National Children’s Book Week 2023}


Did you know, statistically speaking, that kids who read for at least 20 mins a day have higher academic achievement, better mental health, improved critical-thinking skills, and higher levels of empathy?

November 6-12 is National Children’s Book Week!


I am a published children’s book author and mom, and these are some of my FAVORITE children’s books. Here are seven books to read during the seven days of National Children’s Book Week:

“The Wonderful Things You Will Be” by Emily Windfield Martin 

My son was gifted this book for Christmas years ago, and it is still one of our favorites. Written in a poem style, this book walks the reader through all the things they can choose to be when they grow up. It also focuses on the type of characteristics they will grow up to have, such as kind, wise, and caring.

“Communication is More Than Words” by Caylin Hunault (Me!) 

My son has non-speaking Autism and a brain malformation called Polymicrogyria. He was bullied at the park a few years ago for not being able to respond when asked his name. He was bullied for being different. This book was my response. It is a poem-style children’s book about all the ways someone can communicate without verbal/spoken language. It teaches kids about sign language, AAC devices, PECS, body language, facial expressions, etc. The illustrations are very inclusive and diverse, and make sure every child is represented (the illustrations show people with cerebral palsy, wheelchairs, mobility aids, prosthetic limbs, different hair colors/styles, races, religions, and abilities).

“Different – A Great Thing to Be!” by Heather Avis

This book teaches kids to value the differences between themselves and their peers. Kids notice when someone is different. This lovely rhyming book teaches children that differences are not only okay but should be celebrated!

“Love Makes A Family” by Sophie Beer

Families don’t always look the same, but they have one thing in common, love! This inclusive children’s book illustrates how families can be a caregiver, grandparents, one parent, two moms or two dads, etc.

“The Wonderful Way You Are” by Sarah Elizabeth Brooks

This is a special needs picture book that celebrates differences. It is beautifully illustrated with kids with a diverse range of disabilities and conditions including autism, feeding tubes, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and more.

“Broken Crayons Still Color” by Toni Collier

I like this book because it helps kids process big feelings and teaches kids to find the positives in every situation, no matter how large the challenge is.

“Only One You” by Linda Kranz

This colorful book with delightful illustrations has a great message – there is only one YOU! You can be anything you want to be, and this book gives kids the confidence and encouragement they need to be the best version of themselves possible.

You don’t need to spend money to read to your child; visit your local library or borrow books from a friend. All that matters is that children are learning and engaging with literature not only this week but every week! I hope you check out my favorite children’s books and start your kids on the path of reading enjoyment!

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Caylin Hunault
I am a twenty-six-year-old momma to a crazy & wild (yet also cuddly and sweet) five-year-old boy! I live in the East side of Cincinnati in a little house that my husband, son, and I make a home. I work for a local cleaning company and attend UC for Special Education. My son has non-speaking autism and a rare brain malformation called Polymicrogyria. He inspired me to write and self-publish a Children's picture book that starts the discussion with kiddos about nonverbal communication methods (sign language, body language, PECS, AAC devices, etc.). In my free time, I enjoy completing DIY projects, adding more houseplants to my indoor "jungle", doing home renovations, writing, and learning new skills. Currently, I am interested in learning wood working! I am passionate about spreading awareness on topics such as mental health, special education, inclusiveness, and the amazingly crazy job that is motherhood!


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