April Fools Day: Cheap Tricks to Play on Your Kids


The time is here again, April Fools Day! If your house is anything like mine it is the kids favorite day! Here are some April Fools day tips and tricks for the kids!

  • My favorite April Fools Day trick is getting a doughnut box from the store (because they are free)! Instead of the delicious doughnuts, inside I put in a nice mixture of fruit and veggies. The look on their faces is priceless!
  • Now it is time to  make lunch and no meal is complete without an April Fools Day trick! Over night I have prepared fake jello worms and while making his sandwich I put in a few between his peanut butter and jelly. I also throw in a few around his food just for good measure. This prank he really enjoys because his friends at school get to be part of it. 

To make the worms all you need is red jello, straws, a mason jar, red food color, and some time. Make the jello and add about 16 drops of the food coloring(depending on how you want the worms to look). Let it cool but not set. Pour the mixture in the middle of the stretched out straws standing in the mason jar. Let it set over night. Run warm water over the straws and squeeze them out.

April fools day worms
Fake worm prank
  • When he gets home April fools day continues, I have doughnuts waiting as an apology for that morning. Well they look like doughnuts, they are apples that I have cored and sliced into circles. I put cream cheese on top, flavored with vanilla and cinnamon and some sprinkles. 
  • Tablet time rolls around and of course his baby brother spilled milk all over it. I pour glue to look like a spill over a plastic page protector. After it has dried I peel it off and just place it right on the tablet screen.
  • After dinner, it’s time for brownies or should I say brown “e’s”. The excitement is quickly erased from faces. Just cut out brown upper and lower case e’s and place it in a solid color dish (no transparent dishes because it takes away the surprise factor). Cover the dish in foil and don’t let anyone else pick it up. 
  • At bedtime I have hidden whoopee cushions under his fitted sheet and pillows. When he lays down, the sounds that comes out of his room bring the biggest smile to my face. He laughs until he cries after this one! 

These cheap April Fools Day tricks for kids are my favorite. They don’t take much time and everyone gets enjoyment out of them. 

What tricks are you planning to play on your kids this year?


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