Fall Decorating: Simple ideas to cozy up your home


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I get a lot of joy out of decorating my home. This goes for all occasions and seasons, but fall decorating is my favorite. It’s a time of year where things slow down after summer, the air gets a little thinner, we settle into a routine and we don’t have the commitments that come with later, colder holidays. My fall decorations are not extensive. I have a limited budget and limited space for storage, so I work with what I have.

In this blog, I’ve included my favorite fall decorating ideas, along with a few tips from the pros! If you like what you see, you can visit these pros at Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati from November 1-3.

Vintage Market Days Dayton-Cincinnati

Mom Tip: Fall decorating: Making the most of your space

  1. Gather what you already own. I look around my house and find the things I can pass off as “fall” even if they may be normal decorations. Orange vase? Pair it with some fall foliage and we’ve got a seasonal decoration. (Oh! And don’t forget to search your own backyard!)
  2. DIY any new decor. Every year I pick a project to do with my daughter to incorporate into my fall decorating and sometimes I pick one for myself. Some are more time consuming than others, but none have to be fancy.
  3. Layer. Don’t be afraid to lean and layer your items. This adds interest and dimension to your displays. You’ll know when it’s too much.
  4. Texture. Pick items with various textures for your decor. This is the easiest for fall decorating. There are so many natural textures to choose from; pine cones, acorns, pumpkins, and all kinds of foliage.
  5. Create groupings. I may choose to make my mantel more “polished” and then put some fun kiddo decor on a bookshelf near my daughter’s toys. Within these different displays, create groupings of items. Try to keep these groupings to odd numbers– 3 is my favorite.

** Pro Tip: The Three R’s **

Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati fall decorating

Get ready for a front porch visitor!  Vintage chairs, small homemade table and welcome sign from reclaimed wood, vintage candlesticks and milk glass snack sets all mean a lazy afternoon of neighborhood gossip, cards, or just reading.  Switch up the pillows and floral for different seasons!

For inspiring outdoor and indoor decor, stop by The Three R’s at Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati, November 1-3.

Mom Tip: Beautifying your mantel: Layer for a finished look

Mantels just beg for decorating. My favorite thing to do on mantels is layer my pieces. I love that you can use things of all scales and put it together to make something pretty cool. I also think it’s worth mentioning that sometimes DIY just isn’t worth it. Example: this hand lettered sign was only $12, the supplies I needed to make it were $10. My time is worth more that $2, so I went for it.

Fall Decorating - Dayton-Cincinnati Vintage Market Days

** Pro Tip: Outside of the Box **

Our friends at Outside of the Box agree! (Such a nice feeling when the pros validate you, isn’t it?!) When we asked for help making our homes festive and yet still livable, here’s what they said:

Layering with texture is one of the best ways to create a cozy and inviting space.  I start with various types of décor items like thick, plush blankets and velvet or faux fur pillows.  Then I like to add decorative objects that have a variety of textures – woven baskets, ceramic jars filled with faux botanicals, knit pumpkins mixed with wood and metal pumpkins.  Finally, I add vintage pieces (wooden window frames) and handcrafted items (felt garland) to give the room a unique and personal touch.

Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati

Find Outside of the Box at Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati from November 1-3 and grab some goodies for your fall look.

Mom Tip: Bookshelves: Use kid art & holiday books for variety

I love decorating bookshelves with groupings of items. This is a great place for the smaller items that don’t quite make sense on a big mantel or the dinner table. This particular display includes several DIY projects. You can probably spot them. Three were made by tiny hands and two were made by me.

Use what you have: I keep any seasonal books we have in bins with my decorations so when the bin comes out, so do the toys, books, and movies. This makes it extra fun for everyone.

Fall Decorating - Dayton-Cincinnati Vintage Market Days

Mom Tip: The kitchen: Keep it simple

And clean! It’s so much nicer to decorate your kitchen when everything is tidy and sparkling clean. But we know that’s easier said than done, right? The pros have some helpful tips…

** Pro Tip: Fresh Home + Kitchen **

Fresh Home + Kitchen features sustainable and eco-friendly essentials for your home, kitchen and life.

Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati fall decorating

Bring all the fall feels into the kitchen! Mixing “sweater weather” like textures with a neutral and amber color palette, Fresh Home + Kitchen has the latest in sustainable and eco-friendly essentials for your home and kitchen. Photo features their best selling Swedish dish cloths, which are a sustainable alternative to paper towels and sponges. They are top rack dishwasher safe, reusable and compostable.

For these goodies and more, stop by their booth at Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati, November 1-3.

Mom Tip: Color adds interest

As you can see, I’m not afraid of color. Even though fall decorating can mean more muted colors, I enjoy a good pop. I use the same tricks and apply them to the table. For this display I focused on carrying the circle throughout, color, texture, and pattern. I think it’s important to mix and match, but also to listen to your instincts on when to stop. It didn’t take much, but I felt like this was finished, so I stopped even though I had other plans. Now let’s fill those bowls with chili and those mugs with something warm.

Vintage Market Days Dayton-Cincinnati Fall decorating

** Pro Tip: Rustic Wood Grains **

Did you know this kind of decorating has a name? Our friends at Rustic Wood Grains call these displays “tablescapes” and we are here for that because we love to sound fancy!

Their tips for creating your very own professional-looking tablescape…

  • Mix it up: Combine staple pieces (table boxes, stacked books, vintage decor) with seasonal items to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Go green: Add a touch of greenery – whether faux or real – to brighten up the table.
  • Reach for new heights: Create dimension and height for a stunning tablescape.  You can do this with scales, crates, and even corbels.

You can find Rustic Wood Grains at Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati, November 1-3. For extra fun fall decorating fun, stop by their booth on Saturday, Nov 2 at 11:30 for a DIY event demonstrating how to make Stamped Books. Here’s your chance to learn directly from the experts! Grab your DIY card at the front entrance to be sure you don’t miss these special events.

Decorating my home is my happy place and I hope you can find some joy in it too. We would love to see pictures of your fall decor if you’re willing to share! Enjoy and happy pumpkin spice season!

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When? November 1-3, 2019
Where? Greene County Fairgrounds, 120 Fairground Road, Xenia, OH 45385
What should I bring? Cash and/or credit cards, a handy bag for stashing your purchases and comfy shoes!
Can kids come? They can, but isn’t it easier to shop alone? 😉 We’ll help you decide: Check out our Mom’s Guide to Vintage Market Days Dayton-Cincinnati and remember that admission for 12 and under is free!

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Vintage Market Days Dayton-Cincinnati

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