10 Great Father’s Day Crafts for Kids


Fathers can sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to their special day! Why should Moms get all the attention?! Well, I decided to create a list of crafts to make with your kids for the Dads in their life. 

  1. All About Dad Worksheet – This is a chance for your child to show you what they think about Dad. Older children can write this themselves, and you can ask the younger kids these questions. Trust me, some of the answers you get are hilarious. I’ve been given a couple of these kinds of worksheets myself. Kids say the darndest things! 
  2. Baseball Keepsake – Super cute and easy craft you can make with handprints or footprints. My husband is obsessed with baseball and would LOVE this. 
  3. Superhero Handprints – Dude, superheroes are all the rage right now. I thought these look adorable and so cute. 
  4. Yoda Best Dad I literally giggled when I saw this. Star Wars + a child’s footprint + catchy saying = great gift for a Star Wars fan.  
  5. Best Daddy Hands Down – Easy and cheap! Anyone can do it. Dollar store frame and some paint, heck you may have some of this on-hand. 
  6. Following in my Daddy’s Shoes Our hardworking men are amazing. This craft is perfect for a construction Dad with some big work boots. 
  7. Best Dad Trophy – At first I saw this and I was like, how in the world did they do this? When I realized it was made out of a solo cup I thought, “Wow, adorbs!” Dads could use it as a pencil/pen holder. Also, kids can make it their own! Be creative. 
  8. My Dad Rocks – My daughter has been painting rocks like crazy lately. What a cute paperweight!
  9. Finger Paint – I love this idea for toddlers. Who says life isn’t fun without a little mess? 
  10. Scribble Mug – Coffee lovin’ Dad? Perfect idea on this website. Heck, my husband likes to put ice cream in his coffee mug. 
Happy Father’s Day! Look at my husband and our little girl, Ellie. My heart! 

Happy Fathers day to all the active, caring Dads out there! 

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Melissa Long
I have a small 3 person family- my 6 year old little girl, Ellie and my husband Matt. I have 3 fur babies, my dog Jack-Jack ( Dachshund) and my two cats Harry and Mickey. I have battled infertility for a while, and I am willing to talk with any woman in the same battle. I work Full time as a teacher at a local daycare. I am a University of Cincinnati student. I'm finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education! Never too late to go for a dream folks. In my free time, I enjoy: church, all things Disney, reading, writing and quiet times with my family. I'm a simple girl! It does not take very much to make me happy. You will see me at the grocery store with my messy bun and yoga pants on, that's for sure.


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