Finding Our Forever Home {with Team Morales}

We are so grateful to Team Morales that sponsored this post. The opinions expressed here are 100% our own!

finding our forever home with team morales

This is our tale of finding our forever home with Team Morales. If you’re moving to, or within, the Greater Cincinnati area, you want Team Morales on your side. The family-like treatment is second to none, trust me.

Ours is an interesting story and one that I find myself sharing with those that ask about our new home in this way: “We were NOT looking for a new house.” It’s true. We were not looking. We had only just decided that we should start looking in the next year or two when our daughter was finished with elementary school. However, we were in the trenches of the pandemic, homes were going for sale and going right off the market like crazy, and we thought it would be an ideal time to scope out homes in other parts of the city online.

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We moved from Indianapolis in 2014 where we had owned a home. It took over a year to sell that house, so we ended up in apartments in Cincy and then renting a home for a couple years. We never found the right home, in the right area, at the right price, at the right time, etc. We had only just decided that we’d start seriously looking again sometime in 2022 or 2023. We had lived in the same part of town the whole time we’d been here, and we thought it would be fun to check out some homes we liked the size of and see if the neighborhoods they were in would be good when the time came. 

One house was really cute, and we decided to drive over early one evening last Fall to see if the neighborhood was just as cute. We could tell by the pictures online that it was vacant, so we parked in front and walked the sidewalks around the house. As we strolled back around to the front, someone pops their head out the front door and asks if we’re there to see the house as well. We laughed and joked that we weren’t really looking for a house yet and were NOT realtors. The lady says, “Well, I am! You can come in and look at the inside if you want.” 

She was so nice, warm, and welcoming, we figured, What the heck?! Let’s do it. The inside of that house ended up not being what we would want long-term anyway, but we asked for her card and asked if we could reach out when we actually were looking for a home to buy. She had been looking at the house with her fiance’, and they both were so wonderful.

We realized about a week later that we had a mutual friend. About two weeks later, we stumbled across a house online that we weren’t impressed with, but our daughter begged us to go see it. This was early one morning. My other half said, “See if Sydney can meet us during lunch over there, and we’ll at least walk through it.” He was very reluctant. Sydney immediately made time for us that same day on such short notice.

We walked through that house, she let us take our time, she let us go at our own pace, she was extremely knowledgeable, and she did ALL of this knowing that there was probably no sale in it for her with us for another year or two. By the time we all said goodbye, and we got back in our car, he and I looked at each other, and we knew. We knew this was our forever home. 

We didn’t even have an official offer letter from the bank yet, but we didn’t want to let this house slip by us. That evening, we asked Sydney to put in an offer for us with the seller’s realtor. She made it all happen that night. Once the offer was accepted and we got the official approval on the mortgage, Sydney and all of Team Morales stayed on top of every little thing. We were not first-time home buyers, but it had been a while. The level of service that you feel from everyone on their team makes you feel like a valued and welcome part of their family. They live here, they work here, and they’re here for you. Team Morales truly are full-service realtors, down to reminding you what utilities to switch and when, etc. Sydney and their other realtors can help with any real estate need – from buying or selling a home to building new construction to just looking for investments, and more.

Team Morales are the #1 realtors in Lakota Schools, and they are in the Top 20 overall in Cincinnati. They always have upcoming listings, and they can set you up with email notifications for properties that fit your wish list, so you know about those listings as soon as the realtors do. You don’t even have to wait for it to pop up on Zillow or, or wherever you’ve been doing your home searches. 

Find your forever home with Team Morales today (or whatever your real estate needs may be).

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