A Gluten-Free Journey


Warning, I am not a dietician or a nutritionist. I am just a mom who found a need to go gluten-free about six months ago and who is wanting to save another momma some of the pain I went through.

Funny choice of words because my journey actually started with pain.

People will say, “I could never give up bread.” I probably said the same thing until a pain in my side left me in bed for a few days thinking I pulled a muscle.

A trip through Google led me to start reading about gluten and some of the side effects for people who are sensitive to the sticky little morsel. Wouldn’t you know, I just about checked off every single box.

So, I stopped eating it.

I know, that’s probably not healthy, but I was in pain and having some other bizarre things going on, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. While the pain is still something I am working through, a whole plethora of changes for the better started taking place. The heels of my feet healed (pun intended), these little stabby pains I was having in my feet and legs stopped completely, and my periods came upon me so quietly that I had absolutely no idea they were about to start. PMS was practically gone.

There were more perks… but that’s not the point of this blog so I won’t bore you with the laundry list, but it is fair to say that the thought of eating a bagel didn’t match the changes that I have experienced.

But it became really hard to figure out what to eat.

Here are some of the things that I have found to help:


This is my go-to if I want to grab food. The restaurant is 100% gluten-free, too, so I don’t have to worry at all about any sort of cross-contamination. There is one downtown, Kenwood, and Mason, and you can order it for pickup.


Grab yourself a rice cooker and a brand that is safe for those with gluten intolerances (yes, they are not all safe).

Canned Chicken and Tuna

I know to make this fresh is likely healthier, but I tend to run at a fast clip and do not always have time to do so, but a can of tuna or chicken can be added to a salad for a fast meal!


Guac and corn chips make for an excellent snack with good fat.

Olive Oil

I use this to cook and add to salads and potatoes!


Any variety! Pop those suckers in the microwave and in 8 minutes, a warm and hearty meal!


Pork tenderloin, potatoes, carrots, chicken broth, and an onion. Walaa – easy and filling!

Chocolate Chips

Grab some and add to peanut butter. It’s a yummy and filling treat.

Bush’s Beans

All of this brand’s beans I have so far seen are gluten-free! They even have meal starters to add for quick flavor.

Peanut Butter

This was a staple for me as I made the change to get enough good fats in me.

Rice Cakes and Gluten-Free Bread

These are great for stacking on hummus/guac/peanut butter.

Noodles Made from Lentils

A great substitute and you can still feel full after eating, as well as top with all sorts of sauces. It helps if you have a hot pot so you can cook your meal next to the rest of everyone eating normal noodles.


This is an easy breakfast to pop into the microwave or just get some protein in a pinch.

All the Fruits and Veggies

Make smoothies! Get some protein powder and use bananas and avocados to thicken it up!

Here were some of my mistakes:


While they are gluten-free, they are often cross-contaminated. Be careful to buy brands that are certified gluten-free.

Lactose and Corn

It took me a hot second to realize these were still bothering my stomach. They won’t affect everyone, but they did me.

Not Running a Food Sensitivity Test Right Away

I spent a lot of time guessing and checking until I realized some of my “safe foods” I was actually sensitive to. When I swapped them out, I felt a lot better right away.

How Things are Cooked

I didn’t realize wooden spoons and even some plastics could retain gluten, so I was accidentally allowing gluten to go back into the food.

Not Every Label is Actually Gluten-Free

Look for certified labels.

What I am still struggling with:

Big events like weddings and birthdays that are “dinners out” where I don’t want to be the weird one not eating. That said, find yourself some friends that know you want to be there FOR them and understand you may have some food issues… and don’t make you feel bad for them.

It is a journey.

Going gluten-free isn’t a fad that I stumbled onto as some people may think. I saw real changes pretty quickly after cutting it out. The hardship wasn’t in me going gluten-free, it was in facing “others” and trying to live in a country where so much of our food is gluten-based.

But with the right friends and some patience… and an amazing husband who will cook new recipes for fun… this has been an easier journey than it could have been.

If you have some tips on your favorite gluten-free spots or dishes, please share below!


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