Low-Effort, Kid-Approved Desserts {Two Easy Recipes}


The following dessert recipes are perfect for the mom on the go, the tired mom, and the kid (or mom) with a sweet tooth. These recipes would also be great for kids to make or help make with an adult.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars {Only 4 Ingredients}

Ingredients: one stick of butter, one bag of yellow cake mix, one small bag of chocolate chips, and two eggs


  1. Whisk together eggs and melted butter.
  2. Add mixture to white cake mix and mix.
  3. Add chocolate chips. Mix.
  4. Spray 11×7 glass baking dish with baking powder or baking spray.
  5. Add all ingredients to baking dish evenly.
  6. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Click here for the full recipe.

Oreo Mug Cake {Only 2 Ingredients}

Ingredients: Oreos, milk


  1. Place six Oreos in a mug and crush with a fork.
  2. Add a little under 1/3 a cup of milk to the mug and mix with the Oreos until there is a cake-like consistency. (Add the milk gradually to make sure that the “batter” is not too runny.)
  3. Put in the microwave for 2 minutes or less. Check the mug cake frequently after the first minute to make sure that it does not burn.

Click here for the full recipe.

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