Self-Discipline and Self-Worth


self-worth“Discipline is an expression of self-worth” – Jen Groover. Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel, because I get tired of the redundancy, the yelling, the constant picking up of toys, etc. Have any moms, dads, caregivers, or ANYONE else felt this way before? Or, is it just me?

You get tired. You get fed up. You feel like you’re not making any progress or getting through to your children…or significant other. All this makes you feel ignored and rejected, leaving you to think that maybe you’d get more out of talking to a wall. Have you been there? I know I have many times. So then you sigh, throw the dish rag or kitchen towel on the counter, and mutter under your breathe or out loud, just enough for someone to hear you say, “What’s the point?!” and then you go and throw yourself on the bed or the couch, wanting to just “throw in the towel” to it all. Heck! No body is listening to me or helping me anyhow!


“I hate being a mom!”

“I’m such a horrible mom, I can’t even get my one-year-old to listen!”

“Why do they act as if I’m not even here!”

“How do the other moms do it? I can’t get them to do anything!”

“I just want to be left alone…go away for a bit, because I’m so tired of all of this!”

“What’s the point?! Nobody appreciates what I do nor do they help me maintain it.”

“I’m not anyone’s maid, yet here I am doing everything for everyone.”

“I suck at this!”

“I can’t do this anymore!”

Do any of these sound familiar? If not, then please reach out to me because I would personally like to know your secret to having such an amazing sense of self-worth!

After literally “throwing in the towel” on the kitchen counter and taking a breather one day, I sat down and decided to listen to one of my favorite online mentors, Jim Rohn. I started listening to him back in 2011 when I joined a company that heavily promotes personal development. This has stuck with me, even if I wasn’t doing it as often until recently. You see, I have been feeling stuck for many years now, so I reached out to a coach, Jen Groover, who is known for her Emotional Intelligence programs, books, and courses. She’s awesome! On our first session, she said, “Discipline is an expression of self-worth.” This struck me to the core and made a huge impact within me and my life. This is what led me to listen to more YouTube videos or audiobooks on self-discipline. On that particular day, it was Mr.Jim Rohn in “Practice Consistent Self-Discipline”.

In this video, Jim Rohn expresses how you can do something now or do it later – self-discipline or procrastination. Jim Rohn says, “…it takes consistent self-discipline to master the art of […] time management, leadership, parenting, and relationships […] (otherwise) the results we seek will be sporadic and illusive. It takes a consistent EFFORT to truly manage OUR VALUABLE TIME, otherwise we will be left to be  consistently frustrated.”

Yes, parenting, coaching – really anything we do in life – is repetitive. We get more annoyed with our kids because they don’t listen…but they are! They are listening, they are watching, they are copying, AND they are exploring and pushing boundaries. BUT if you remain consistent with your tone, actions, and behavior, then they will get it. They will know how far they can push before there are consequences, such as taking something they like away from them.

If you stay consistent with getting them to pick up after themselves, they will eventually do it on their own.

If you stay consistent with your responses, then they’ll know what the answer will be and won’t ask you for that cookie or candy in the morning.

If you stay consistent with your personal time, they will learn not to bother you during that time.

If you stay consistent with doing things right away, ESPECIALLY THINGS THAT YOU KNOW STRESS YOU OUT, then you’ll do them without thinking about it and will be happy you did.

It takes self-discipline to get up and do or not do things. It takes consistency to make something a habit to where you don’t have to think about it. All of these things are ways to show yourself self respect, love, and value… Value of your time. Value of your relationship. Value as a parent.

If you want to throw in the towel, then take some time to listen to something that will pick you up. Find ways to keep expressing self-worth and self-love.

Know that you ARE appreciated and the kids ARE ALWAYS watching and listening to you! They will one day get it!

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Pamela Mallory
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