No Shave November {Celebrating the Pandemic Beard}


If you haven’t seen my family in person for a while, you’re bound to notice a few changes when you see us next. The kids have grown since the pandemic started. They were just babies back then! But perhaps the biggest and most noticeable change, the one that elicits a chuckle and some jokes (“I don’t think I’ve met your husband before…” “I don’t recognize your daddy!”) is my husband’s pandemic beard.

It started slowly at first, and I don’t think it was ever a fully conscious decision, “Hey, I’m going to grow a beard now!” But with working from home, the extra time spent shaving became less of a priority until it kept growing and he decided to just go with it.

“You look more like a dad,” I told him. It suited him. It’s kind of his defining feature now, and I love him for it.


Christmas 2020 was when everyone FINALLY knew what to get him, besides the go-to Amazon gift card (which is still welcome by the way!). Beard oil, beard oil, and did I mention, beard oil? I gifted him beard soap for Father’s Day that year, too. He’s got all kinds of beard oils, Man Face (which is good as aftershave, too, if he ever decides to shave it off!). I may write a post comparing all of the different varieties, and which ones I prefer as the wifey 😉

There are quite a few perks to the pandemic beard.

Conversation Starter

Always a fun way to break the ice and ease into conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a while. My husband’s beard always gives everyone something to talk about the moment they see us! Cue the “I don’t think I’ve met your husband before” and “I don’t recognize your daddy” jokes.

Up the Dad Factor

This pandemic and post-pandemic era have been the perfect time to embrace the dad bod, including a new rugged beard! It’s like a new personality has been unlocked!

Built-In Christmas Gift Ideas

A beard is a great inspiration for gift ideas of all kinds of care items: beard oil, brushes, trimmers, beard wash, and more!

Saves Time

No more daily shaving in the mornings before work!

Up the Ante in Intimacy

Is it just me or have I noticed an uptick in adult-only time since the beard became a permanent facial feature? Studies show that men feel more confident (in the bedroom and otherwise) when they’re sporting a beard! Plus, the extra facial hair adds a little extra tickle when he’s kissing me.


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