Adventures at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN


adventures at holiday world in santa claus inDuring 2022, I was fortunate to be selected as one of the HoliBloggers to share my adventures at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. I went there as a kid and young teen myself, so I was super excited to bring our tween/now teen this past season to explore it all for herself. Fun fact that their one wooden roller coaster, The Raven, was built by the same folks that made The Beast at Kings Island in Cincinnati!

Another fun throwback to my youth was staying at Lake Rudolph like we did growing up when visiting Holiday World! It was just as amazing as we remembered. Plus, we stayed in one of Sun Outdoor Lake Rudolph’s Christmas Cottages (way better than the tents and campers we did when I was a kid)! 😉 Read my review of Lake Rudolph HERE.

Check out my posts below that were published on Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari‘s site (more to come through Spring 2023)!

Holiday World: Then & Now

Published December 9, 2022

Even though there were five of us kids in a very middle class family, my parents did everything they could to take us on new adventures and let us have the best childhood we possibly could. The theme parks we would go to growing up were mostly in Indiana and Kentucky and some of my favorite memories were staying at Lake Rudolph and then going to Holiday World back in those days!

Having my own little family now and trying to give my daughter all the fun and memories I had, I was super excited to bring our tween/now teen to Holiday World this past season to explore it all for herself. Stepping back in the places I hadn’t been since I was a teen made me start to reflect on Holiday World then and now.

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Enter to Win A Pair of Tickets to Visit in 2023!

Entries accepted through Thursday, December 15 at 3pm EST.


Dietary Restrictions Won’t Stop You from Visiting Holiday World


It’s pretty common to have some sort of food allergy, sensitivity, or restriction in a family these days.

In our family, I’m the one. I have to eat vegetarian, and I have a gluten sensitivity. It can be hard to find places to eat with the family – especially at a theme park – where I can actually feel like I’m eating WITH the family. A lot of restaurants have made huge strides in offering vegetarian and gluten free options but not a lot of places like theme parks or zoos, etc. have come that far yet.

Much to my delight, dietary restrictions won’t stop you from visiting Holiday World and enjoy every bit of the fun with the whole family!

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8 Tips for Road Tripping from Cincinnati to Santa Claus, Indiana


Want to go visit Santa Claus? You can – anytime of year!

Just head to Southern Indiana where you’ll find holiday – and Santa Claus-themed fun – everywhere. The best part? Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari  is there at the heart of the town for all your family fun this year. We have been already this Summer – and LOVED it, so I wanted to share some tips for road tripping from Cincinnati to Santa Claus, IN.

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adventures at holiday world in santa claus in

8 Things for Free. Really!


As a mom, I know how expensive kids can get. If you have kids, you know, too. We’ve all heard that nothing in life is free, but that’s not true in magical Santa Claus, Indiana. Read on for how you can get 8 things for FREE – really – on your next trip to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari!

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Introducing the HoliBloggers

By Josh @ Holiday World

Earlier this spring, we started looking for a small group of bloggers and online storytellers who could help us share our story. We hoped to be able to find 5 writers to start with, but once the applications started rolling in, we knew the final group would end up being a little larger than that. And our applicants didn’t make it easy to choose!

We ended up picking 7 HoliBloggers to join us for the 2022 season.

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Stay tuned for amazing sweepstakes and more on the HoliBlog page!

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