December Photo Challenge {Capturing the Memories}


‘Tis the season where the intentional pursuit to gather your people near and cultivate an environment where you can be present together takes on different forms of what that means for you. I know that the holidays for many have a stretching of the heart where heartache and joy try to coexist together as you figure out what memory-making moments you are able to say yes to in this season.


If you are looking for a fun photo challenge to do with your family this holiday season, I have compiled this list you can do together. I put a small version in a cute jar to give to some of my holiday sessions, and I have one on my mantle to prompt our family with fun photo op moments.

T Ralston Photography
T Ralston Photography
  • Day 1: Favorite Holiday Mug “Cheers to the new month”
  • Day 2: Singing your favorite holiday song
  • Day 3: Holding your favorite ornament
  • Day 4: Enjoying a holiday treat
  • Day 5: Winter walk together
  • Day 6: Jumping photo to see who can get the highest
  • Day 7: Share a favorite joke and take a laughing photo
  • Day 8: Family selfie
  • Day 9: Mailing a Christmas card to someone
  • Day 10: Drinking hot chocolate
  • Day 11: Photo of Christmas lights in your home
  • Day 12: Photograph a sentimental decoration in your home
  • Day 13: Snuggly couch photo watching a Christmas movie
  • Day 14: Go for a drive and take a scenic photo
  • Day 15: Enjoying some eggnog
  • Day 16: Christmas sweater
  • Day 17: Pose with an evergreen tree
  • Day 18: Something you are grateful for
  • Day 19: Someone you love
  • Day 20: Christmas lights
  • Day 21: Dance party time (aka rocking around the tree)
  • Day 22: Reading a favorite Christmas book
  • Day 23: Holding a gift under your tree you are excited to give
  • Day 24: Christmas morning moment shared
  • Day 25: Photo of a favorite gift you received

A few suggestions on how you can use these photos : 

  • Use an iPhone, a DSLR camera, or a polaroid camera and make it your own, adding extra things to the shot or keeping it simple.
  • Use these for some fun social media posts or texts to friends/loved ones to spread some holiday cheer.
  • Use on a Christmas card.
  • Print photos and put them in a photo album that you can put out for your holiday decorations.
  • Some favorite moments you can put in photo ornaments for your tree or give as a gift tag on your gifts to others.
  • Make a photo collage blanket with your favorite snapshots to use for Christmas every year.
  • Use photos to make your own mugs to use for hot chocolate Christmas Eve/Day.

Happy holiday photo memory making time!

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