The Anti-New Year’s Resolution Guide to Just Being You


With all of the New Year’s Resolution posts out there, I would rather embrace an anti-new year sentiment this year. While it is great to get back to the gym, eat better, etc., it is also OK to just be you. Do you. Embrace yourself as you are.


Here are 5 ways I embrace who I am.

  1. Worry less about what other people think about you. Who cares if you have a new year’s resolution or not? Who cares if you are the best dressed, the skinniest, etc.? Being you is the goal here, so do that!
  2. Eat what’s good. Does it taste good? Eat it. It is healthy for you? Eat it! Is it cheesecake? Have one for me! Keep doing what you’re doing because as far as I am concerned, if I get three meals in a day, I consider myself to be a rock star.
  3. Move your body. Off the couch? Yes. To the bathroom? Yes! Walked to your car? Way to go! Going to the gym? Keep it up! Don’t change a thing – the fact that you got out of bed today is an extreme accomplishment.
  4. Sleep. Did you go to sleep last night? Sweet. Did you close your eyes for five minutes? That’s fantastic! Maybe you want more sleep in your life, but let me tell you, the more sleep I get, the more tired I am. Just keep sleeping the same and if you can’t sleep, I am sure your doctor can prescribe a super awesome pill to change that for you.
  5. Have kids? Hire a sitter. Pronto.

The point is – you are amazing. There is no need to change your habits because everything you do makes you YOU. Don’t get all bent out of shape if you see your friends subscribing to the latest fad diet or you see them exercising more. You are doing the best you can and that, my friends, is enough. Happy New Year!


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