No Year’s Resolutions


I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions – making them or keeping them. I try to pretend like I do, because who wouldn’t want to do things like live a healthier life, spend more time with their kids or unplug more? The truth is, I see the appeal; the New Year is a good time to start fresh, however, I can never seem to stick to my resolutions. They end up in the back of my head with other things I rarely use, like how to solve algebraic equations. So, this year, I am not going to try.

It is the year of no year’s resolutions.

no year's resolutions

Now, I know this may sound like I am making an excuse to not improve any aspect of my life for a year, but it is just the opposite. Instead of committing to some new diet or some type of specific resolution, I am just going to try to do better. Do better in every aspect of life, whenever I can. And this is something that doesn’t need to be accompanied by a ball drop or a champagne toast in order to get started. It is just something that I can try to do every day, New Year’s or no New Year’s. That is what I will continue to do. Some days, I will succeed, others I am sure I will fail, but the good news is, when you have no New Year’s resolution, you don’t have to throw an entire resolution out the window and proclaim failure just because you might have had an off day.

So, there is no New Year’s resolution, nothing to make me feel bad about myself on an off day, but I can still enjoy success on a good day. I cleaned the kitchen today, great! I finished a new book, wonderful! I ate healthy today, perfect! Or I scrolled a little too much on social media today, that’s okay, try better tomorrow. I had a midnight snack after the kids went to bed, well, tomorrow I won’t have one. I didn’t get around to organizing the linen closet, it will be there tomorrow.

I think this is the mentality I want to try to adopt instead of sticking to a specific resolution. Strive to be better overall – whether it is New Year’s or not – and commit to the no year’s resolution idea!


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