Fun Easter Ideas for the Kids


fun easter ideas for the kidsI absolutely cannot believe that Easter is almost here already! In our household, we love the magic of holidays like this. Read on to see some of our favorite traditions of fun Easter ideas for the kids.

A few years ago, Easter fell on April Fool’s Day, so the Easter Bunny left baskets filled with junk, the kids’ underwear, and trash. At the bottom of the basket, a note said, “Happy April Fool’s Day! I’ve hidden your real baskets, so go and find them!” 

This can be done even without it being April Fool’s Day!

Here are some other things we’ve done at our house in the past –

  • The night before Easter, the kids plant jelly beans. When the Easter Bunny comes to deliver the baskets, he sprinkles his magic on them and they turn into suckers for the kids to pick in the morning.
  • The bunny hides eggs for our own Easter Egg Hunt and leaves a note that says, “Find all 50 eggs” (Pro mom tip so that we don’t forget how many eggs there are!). The plastic eggs have little pieces of candy in them, and the metallic eggs have money. 
  • The day before Easter, we make sugar cookies and decorate them in Easter themes. The kids pick out 1 or 2 cookies for the Easter Bunny to eat. We also leave a carrot. The pure delight on their faces when they wake up and see that there’s a bite out of them is priceless! We also color eggs and leave one out for the bunny.
  • And of course, the most important part is the baskets. Another pro mom tip :: If you have multiple kids, buy the bags of candy and then split it amongst them instead of doing all individual candy. Besides candy, they usually get special flossers and mouthwash (because of the candy), their favorite snacks, small-denomination gift card(s), small toys (the birthday party favor section at the store is great!), and an outfit or some other article of clothing that they need.

Some other fun activities that I’ve seen but have yet to try are listed below –

  • Egg a neighbor’s house (provided they are okay with it!).
  • Hide Easter eggs in your neighbor’s yard for them to find.
  • Make bunny footprints with baking soda tracking the bunny’s movements in your house.
  • Have a bunny breakfast by making pancake bunnies. 
  • Make a prayer countdown. Put a name in a plastic egg and countdown the days until Easter. Each day, open an egg and pray for that person.
  • Have a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt.

What other fun ideas do you have for your kids this Easter?

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