Embracing the Millennial Life


I can remember when I was younger, listening to the adults around me talking about “those Millennials” and how they don’t want to work, or that they feel entitled and how they are causing so many problems. And truthfully, while I was growing up hearing this, I would agree, thinking that people like this seem difficult to be around. All without realizing, that I was considered a millennial and that I was part of the generation adults were talking about.

Once I realized I was part of that group, I would tell myself that I didn’t have those characteristics and I tried to separate from that, telling myself I was an older millennial, so I wasn’t part of that group that was labeled lazy, entitled and too sensitive. It wasn’t until later, maybe even just a few years ago, that I have come to embrace the millennial life.

Now, I am accepting and even championing the ideals that make the Millennial generation so unique and important.


The Millennial generation has lived through many events that have shaped our way of thinking, like watching the Twin Towers fall in our formative years, or the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and even a global pandemic. These events helped us see the flaws in our country, but also how people can come together. Living through these experiences shaped some of our views of the world, and this is true of other generations as well.

Many characteristics of previous generations can be attributed to the experiences they encountered or the culture at the time. Our grandparents’ generation, for example, was known as the “Silent Generation.” Probably a fair description since so many issues were not discussed or were highly taboo in those days. But if our grandparents were silent, it could be argued the emergence of technology and social media has caused Millennials to be quite the opposite.

We are the first generation to have access to technology while growing up, like the internet and social media.

We are considered more progressive and creative because of this. Since having access to the internet opens the door to all types of information, we are privileged to have a variety of thoughts, opinions, and experiences at our fingertips. We might see things a bit different than generations before us. We might feel free to question things and not accept the “this is just how it was always done” reasons. So yes, we can be outspoken, choosing to question ideas and using social media to have our voices heard about issues that are important to us. We have digital platforms to discuss our ideas and feelings.

Maybe we are labeled “sensitive” by previous generations, but it is because we are aware of our feelings and are realizing how vital mental health is in society. We are opening the doors to more conversations about emotions and feelings. We want to teach our children how to handle their feelings and express them appropriately instead of being silent and brushing them under the rug (our parents’ rug that is covering up hardwood floors, why did they do that?).

It is not that we are lazy and don’t want to work, but we want to have the jobs we were promised. The ones that we were told we would get if we went to college, the ones that were supposed to pay enough to pay off our student loans, the ones that seem to be few and far between. Or some of us just want a job that pays enough to buy a house after saving for 10 years, or a job that could pay for rent and groceries and has decent health insurance.

And maybe we do feel entitled.

We feel entitled to a proper work-life balance. Women Millennials feel entitled to equal pay for equal work. Us Millennial parents feel entitled to paid maternity/paternity leave like every other first world country. We feel entitled to treat everyone equally and to make sure that everyone has rights and freedom. And personally, I feel entitled to an NSYNC reunion tour. When is that happening?

So, it is with these ideals, that I see the good in the Millennial generation, my generation. A generation that has been through a lot so far but also a generation that recognizes there is power in having lived through these experiences. We have seen America come together in the worst of times and that makes us aware of how strong this country can be, and how much power a generation could have to change the world.

Now, please excuse me while I go read Harry Potter for the 27th time in my NSYNC t-shirt and snack on some Dunkaroos.


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