That Dark Time {Mental Health Help and Awareness}


There was a dark time in my life and I needed help.

We don’t like to talk about dark times, but it doesn’t mean we don’t experience them.

I felt like my head was in a cloud and I could not see anything clearly at all. I would not see things, feel things, solve problems, or even see what the next day might hold for me and my family. I was scared and I was at a loss as to what to do.

My marriage of 10 years came to a screeching halt and I was left alone with two little boys and a life that I didn’t recognize anymore.

I needed help.

dark time

I started seeing a counselor and week after week, I started developing a plan.

I went to see my doctor and told her I needed help, and I started taking some medication.

I got the help I needed. I put in the work and I started getting healthy.

It took a few weeks for the fog to lift, and after it lifted, I was able to start making decisions and making plans for the future. I was able to see what I needed to do, and I was no longer afraid of doing the important things.

It was not easy, in fact, it remains to this day, the most difficult time in my life, and it was more than two decades ago.

I saw a counselor for over two years and he helped me so very much. 

I became stronger and became a new, improved person. I learned to replace fear with faith, to express my feelings in a healthy way, to adjust my expectations of people and myself, and to proceed as a mother in a healthier way.

I got physically and emotionally healthy and depended on my doctor for months in regard to some medication and, eventually, I was able to stop taking the medication. The combination of my faith, therapy, and medication made me so much healthier – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

That dark time became brighter, and now it is a memory. I needed help. I got the help I needed, I put in the work, and was willing to become better.

Don’t be scared to get the help you need and take the first step, whether that be therapy, a visit to your doctor, or talking to a friend… better brighter days are ahead.


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